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Argumentative essay Topic: Electoral College

The reasons the founders of the United States created an Electoral College, instead of having a direct nationwide popular vote election of the President. The total number of Electoral College votes, and how many electoral votes are needed to become President. Provide an explanation of how electors are divided or apportioned amongst the states. For […]

Term paper Topic: Film Paper

“Black Swan” film.

Research paper Topic: case of julie amero

Research and become an expert on the case of Julie Amero Using your new found expertise in ethical analysis and knowledge you have found about the Amero case you are to identify one actor or group of actors involved in the case and examine their actions as they pertained to both the case and the […]

Counselor Ethical Boundaries and Practices

Guidelines Directions: Consider yourself as a future counselor as you write. Provide a thoughtful response to each of the following sections, including specific, concrete examples to illustrate your ideas. Use the headings given below to separate each section of your paper. Section 1: Boundary Issues and Dual Relationships In 500-750 words, outline a series of […]

Comparison of the romantic and modern eras

Comparison of Romantic and Modern Eras.  Use people like Anton chekhov, charle’s Darwin and others (famous writers, poets, artist, etc) for comparisons.

Research paper Topic: Public Policy Concerns for Hawaii’s department of education

1.    Identify a current public policy issue/controversy in the news today. 2.    Describe and analyze the scope of the public policy concern. 3.    Who are the stakeholders and affected constituencies? 4.    What political institutions are relevant to the policy discussion about this issue? 5.    What are some of the proposed policies to address this issue? […]

Communication and leadership

The purpose of this paper is to provide the opportunity for you to explore a concept oon more depth. Choose a topic of particular interest to you that is relevant to leadership. Think back on significant events in your nursing career (including clinical experiences in this program) and identify a concept from the list below […]

memo report

You will write an informative report in the form of a memo for the mayor. This is a basic report (informal in complexity, formal in tone), and its purpose is informative, not analytical (so discussion and analysis only, no recommendations). You can share complete information with the mayor. Your report will include: a brief background […]

how the Abrahamic religions deal with war

Write a research/position paper on one of the eight contemporary ethical issues addressed in class, reflecting how study of the Abrahamic religions and their approaches to values and decision-making has influenced your thinking. The bibliography must include a minimum of 6 sources in addition to the textbook. (Note: A bibliography should contain both sources quoted/paraphrased […]

Kellogg’s case analysis

1 page executive summary 1 page company overview 1 page vision, mission, goals and strategies for company 1 para. create a new vision and mission statement for company 1 para. identify external opportunities and threats 1 para. identify internal strengths and weaknesses 1 page SWOT analysis 1 para. two specific strategies and long-term objectives 1 […]