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Inheritance Tax in the UK

Essay Question: ‘Inheritance Tax is relatively easy to avoid, and abolishing it altogether would result in a fairer system of taxation.’ Critically discuss the above statement. Instruction: The jurisdiction is the UK; thus all the legislation and case reference should be based on the UK law.

Adolf hitler

Has to go with my Thesis Statement : Hitler is the reason why so many German soldiers were ‘brainwashed’ into killing all of those poor, innocent Jews. Overall, Hitler’s past influenced the man he later became.

History, Coffee

Answer following questions in essay: How has this food been adopted, regulated and/or rejected by any culture from the prehistoric age through the twentieth century and why is this adoption, regulation and or rejection significant? You may examine the food at a single point in time or throughout multiple periods of time. May consider the […]

Why is the Fall of the Soviet Union a turning point in history?

Should be PERSUASIVE Shouldn’t be really complicated (it’s for 8th grade NHD) You should read the NHD website ( for the rules of how the paper should be written. Should have a bibliography with any source that you used even for a couple of words! Primary and secondary sources needed. Primary and secondary should go […]

Kite Runner #2

Baba hero or villain?  Villain

Socrates idea on death and Socrates idea of love

All writing must be at university level. Use (1) MLA, (2) Chicago or (3) Turabian format

Criminal Justice Admin

Criminal Justice Admin

Discuss your (personal) political orientation, or the reasons for a lack thereof

1-Discuss your idea of the public good, “the good life,” and the connection to good government (example: Do you prefer an active or passive or moderate government; do you believe in promotion of strong individualism or advocacy of community values etc) Briefly discuss your political socialization and how it shaped your political views on: your […]

school should be not year around

school should be not year around

The drug war in latin America is not a failed war

4.Properly cite at least four sources in your essay. 5.You must have a thesis statement in the paper, which states: 1. your argument, and 2. how you will go about developing your argument. 6.Identify and describe the main tenets of your argument. 7.In a paragraph towards the end of your paper, critically explain & evaluate […]