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Medical Informatics and Laboratory Management

The purpose of your essay is to show your understanding of laboratory management issues that you may have experienced and have some direct knowledge or you may not have experienced at all. Your essay is intended for a lay audience i.e. one which has limited understanding of your field of practice and the issues associated […]

Psychiatric Co-morbidities of Chronic Diseases Compared to HIV

1. brief introduction of some chronic diseases and HIV 2. comorbidities (such as anxiety and depression) experienced by both; represented by data obtained from journal articles 3. explain why there is a huge disparity for HIV population then diabetes population 4. possible solutions for the problem in the eyes of a future physician

Spatial Science

Overview You have been hired as a GIS consultant to address one of the two real world issues facing the Royal National Park: 1) Mapping susceptibility to landslides, or 2) Identifying suitable locations for a whale watching lookout. To earn your pay for the job (i.e., your marks for the major assignment), you need to […]


Choose one of the health issue/population group: • Youth suicide, • Gender, • Pornography/sexual violence • Terrorism/War/Postcolonial Issues • Cultural minorities, • Sexuality and family diversity Locate TWO media texts representing your chosen health issue/population group (for example: print, cyber/internet and film/TV. These can include, but cannot exclusively be, advertisements). Ensure you provide descriptions, replications […]

Statistics for Business and Economics

A car dealer is investigating whether there is any relationship between a car price and its weight. He gathered data on weight (in pound) and price (in dollar) of a random sample of 150 cars. The variables in the dataset are:  Price (in dollar)  Weight (in pound) The dependent variable for your analysis […]

Modern Political Ideologies: Both social democrats and neo‐liberals claim to support a free society, but how and why do their visions of freedom diverge?

This assignment is your opportunity to explore important ideological questions. You should demonstrate here your ability to construct a logical argument, and your knowledge about specific ideologies and their key proponents.  

Project Management & Decision Theory

Q1. Consider a project which involves a number of different activities (labelled A, B, C, etc.). The precedence relationships and duration times of these activities are given in following table: Activity Predecessors Duration (weeks) a) Show the project network (using AON). b) Determine the minimum time for project completion. c) Which activities are critical to […]

case study: three levels of thinking and action that support innovation (global, personal, and organizational)

A case study databases of your choosing, to explore cases in which organizations have demonstrated an environment of innovation. Choose one organization to research in depth for this assessment. Integrate information from the case study with research from supporting resources that address innovation at this organization • Write a paper that analyzes how the leader […]

Chinese studies – being young and female

1) What should a young woman be like today? 2)How are young female today different from those of past generations? 3) How have expectations of young women changed since the 1940s? 4) Are Chinese women still shaped by Confucian expectations? 5) What pressures are reshaping young women’s expectations of themselves?

Accounting Information Systems: Pressure Hydraulics

Pressure Hydraulics is a locally owned business that currently has three service centres; Newcastle, Toronto and Maitland. Each service centre provides maintenance and specialised servicing ofhydraulic systems as used in cars, trucks and earth moving equipment. The Maitland service centre also provides a specialty service to the mining industry where two purpose built trucks go onsite […]