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1. President Wilson believed that WWI was “…the war to end all wars.” a) Briefly discuss why he held this belief b) Looking into the future up through the 1950’s, discuss reasons why this could never be true c) As you answer ‘b’ incorporate stipulations of the Versailles Treaty and Eisenhower’s treatment of the Geneva […]

Difference between the subjective and objective tests of entrapment

Identify the difference between the subjective and objective tests of entrapment. Identify two elements in the subjective test of entrapment and the two kinds of circumstances the government can use to prove defendants’ predisposition to commit crimes.


1) Exposition – What does the author say? What are the key ideas of the theorist and how is it presented? 2) Analysis – Bring to bear on your opinions.

Chanel expansion into Sweden

1. The brand overview – 2. The Distribution Channels that Chanel uses – bullet points to be used 3. The Aaker Mode – please don’t explain what it is or use definitions. Only apply to Chanel. What is Chanel’s Core Identity and what is the Extended Core Identity. AND the PYRAMID MODEL (please see attached […]

Porter’s 5 forces for NBAD

Educational Psychology

1. (Chapter 4) Discuss what is meant by Multiple Intelligences. In your discussion include: 1) Gardner’s assumptions about Intelligence and the “Core Components” of each of “his eight” from Table 4.1); 2) Sternberg’s assumptions about Intelligence and the definitions of each of “his three”- Analytical, Creative, Practical-and (using your own thought process) relate each back […]

Distributive bargaining in Negotiation

Prepare with example a Project and Presentation on the following the importance of:- *. Distributive Bargaining Situation

Structured Reflection on the 10 Florida Leadership Standards

Based on 10 Florida Leadership Standards: 1. Discuss areas of growth on each standard. 2. Discuss strength and areas for growth within each of the standards. 3. Identify strongest standard attribute-give rationale as to why is the strongest. do the same for the weakest and a plan for increasing this ski

Case study

Joseph Schumpeter (1934) observed a link between entrepreneurship and economic development, suggesting that truly radical innovations lead to cycles of ‘creative destruction’ that transform industries and markets forever, creating wealth, jobs, and quality of life improvements for citizens. Israel Kirzner (1973) offered a different view, however, suggesting that alert and opportunistic entrepreneurs are the real […]

DRB and Minitab output

Task 1: For the seminar in the week commencing 6th October you will receive a Data Requirement Brief (DRB). This will identify the variables that you must investigate and 30 states from each of two regions of the world, e.g. Europe and Americas. Find values for your variables for the 30 states in each of […]