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GF is a forty-one-year-old woman who arrives for her first visit at the clinic.

She reports that she has been feeling sad and depressed, with crying spells, trouble sleeping, increased appetite, impaired concentration, and fatigue. She has experienced depression in the past but was able to overcome the symptoms without medication. Upon physical exam, she appears to be poorly groomed and with minimal facial expression. She is slow to […]

strategies for developing your own and childrens i) empathetic understandings, ii) sense of belonging, iii) shared heritage).

This assignment requires you to plan, go out and report on a self-organised excursion and outline a series of integrated experiences that support student learning in History through an integration diagram (with links to other key learning areas such as Arts, English, Maths, PDHPE, Science and Technology). The purpose of the excursion is to unpack […]

Extend Fertility: case study

The “Extend Fertility” case is an interesting description of a business that has many issues, both business based and ethically based. This is a real business, with some particular issues. A set of guidance notes is included in this document, which highlight some of the key issues surrounding this case. You need to write an […]

Exploratory or Comparative essay about Gender Representation in Media

Write an exploratory or comparative essay about how gender is examined in a couple of the media texts we screened this past week. Choose at least two (not more than three) different videos of the YouTube selections or the film we screened in class french film, Tomboy . For example, you can choose to compare […]

Comparative Criminal Justice; El Salvador.

Is the country you’re reporting on a developed or developing nation? Did its criminal justice system evolve out of the Common or Civil law family? What is/was its organizational make-up and leadership? What is the political and historical background of your assigned country? The paper should be much more than a “blow-by-blow” account of a […]

role of these presumptions in Ermogenous v Greek Orthodox Community of SA Inc (Ermogenous)

One of the key factors the courts consider when seeking to establish the existence of a contract is the intention of the parties to create legal relations. In finding such an intention it has been common for the courts to rely on two presumptions: if the parties to the agreement are in a social or […]

an ethical dilemma the decision by registered nurses of refusing a patient allocation.

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, emphasises the professional accountability of nurses. Nursing is governed by professional codes and practice standards. There are times in practice where you may be asked to do work that you consider being unsafe or risky. For example, being asked to care for patients in a speciality area that […]

Foodways Part 1: The Routes of Food/Culture: Micro-histories

Foodways Part 1: The Routes of Food/Culture: Micro-histories Cultural anthropologists: Peter Farb and George Armelagos have likened cuisine to a cultures language. To study the elements of cuisine we can think of it like the elements of a language and in this assignment students will be learning about foods relationship to culture by tracing the […]

NHANES, BRFSS , Framingham cohort study, Nurses, health study, Womens health initiative (WHI), MESA, NIH AARP Diet and Health Study

Choose a nutrition-related health outcome that has been studied by any of the following below: NHANES ? BRFSS ? Framingham cohort study ? Nurses? health study ? Women?s health initiative (WHI) ? MESA ? NIH AARP Diet and Health Study (Basically all of these national surveys have different questions asked, so just pic whatever outcome […]

What are some benefits and drawbacks to governing security through force, IGOs, and norms

1. Provide a definition of security. Why have you included the characteristics that you have? What are the implications of using one definition of security over another (human security over state security for instance)? 2: What are some benefits and drawbacks to governing security through force, IGOs, and norms? Can a security issue like terrorism […]