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Financing & Valuation Valuing Businesses

•Financing & Valuation •Topics Covered •After Tax WACC •Valuing Businesses •Using WACC in Practice •Adjusted Present Value •Your Questions Answered •Consistency •Consider a simple perpetuity: • •Many combinations of C and r* will give V. •Also note that • •The moral is simple: The discount rate r* has to be defined consistently with C to […]


ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS 1. The following is a list of 10 organisations/ companies, one of which will be the subject of your analysis. CODE COMPANY BHP BHP Billiton Limited MQG Macquarie Group Limited SUN Suncorp Group Limited WOW Woolworths Limited ORG Origin Energy Limited IAG Insurance Australia Group Limited RHC Ramsay Health Care Limited CTX Caltex […]

consumer behaviour theory

You should be able to: 1 Recall, restate, and apply basic consumer behaviour theory. Upon completing this subject, students should be able to: • Recall the bases and principles of consumer behaviour. • Demonstrate knowledge of the perceptual, memory and cognitive mechanisms instrumental to consumer behaviour. • Demonstrate knowledge of attitudinal, lifestyle and personality factors […]


BUSM4415 – INDUSTRY PROJECT INVESTIGATION School of Property, Construction and Project Management FINAL PROJECT REPORT The purpose of the final project report is for you to report on the entire project process and its results. BRIEF Based con the case study you wrote in the project proposal, you will perform and report on the following […]

Advocacy paper on the Environment

SCENARIO: You work for an NGO and you have been requested to prepare an advocacy paper in order to apply for government funding of A$20,000 in order to support a specific global citizenship cause. Your application will be one of hundreds of applications competing for a limited amount of government funding. [See to get […]

KwikCo (“K) is attempting to sue A Co. Ltd (“A”) for financial loss

1. SAMPLE QUESTION Annie (‘A’) runs a courier service, A Pty Ltd. She reads in a newspaper that a local business, KwikCo, is looking for a courier service which they can use exclusively to deliver parcels and documents to their clients. The advertisement calls for expressions of interest, stating that “those parties wishing to be […]

Evolution of Management Thought

MGF1010 – Introduction to Management Week 4: Evolution of Management Thought – II Introduction of Topic & Learning Objectives Lecture Objectives 1) Critically analyse the organisational behaviour (OB) approach and contemporary approaches to management, in particular a) The Hawthorne Studies (Elton Mayo & associates) – OB b) Contingency theory – contemporary 2) Understand the historical […]

Publicly listed company assessment of the company’s current position and future prospects,

BAFI 1045 Investment Company Valuation Assignment Part 1: Financial Performance and Current Issues (10%) In this section, students are expected to provide: • An evaluation of the company’s brief recent history and financial performance over time and also include peer group analysis. • Conduct ROE for the company following the DuPont ROE approach and include […]

ZeroR, OneR, J48, IBK and construct a table of the training and cross-validation errors

PART 1: CLASSIFICATION 20 marks 1. This part of the assignment is concerend with the the file: /KDrive/SEH/SCSIT/Students/Courses/COSC2111/DataMining/ data/other/bank-balanced.csv. There is a description of the data in the file bank-names.txt in the same direc- tory. 2. Run the following classifiers, with the default parameters, on this data: ZeroR, OneR, J48, IBK and construct a table […]

analyse quantitative data

Using Excel, analyse quantitative data that are available from the Learning Hub in the Assignment section. You will submit two files, an Excel file and a Word file containing a basic report to accompany the Excel file. The analysis should cover the following elements: Part A. In Excel, complete the missing columns in the “Raw […]