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Rich People Just Care Less

american dream / death of a salesman

are men and women truly equal? should they be treated the same? should they be allowed to do the same kind of jobs as men? should they for example fight in wars and serve as judges? argue your position with evidence.

HYPOTHESIS: Although men and women have lots of differences, they should be treated fairly. EXPLANATION: Debates on whether men are equal to women seem to be an endless story. Many people think that men and women are not equal due to real, physical difference. The second party thinks that men are capable of certain jobs […]


The fragment of a fluted column was found in the ancient capital of Lybia. it was a part of temple. The column is gigantic and made out of marble that was costly and labor intensive. The size of the column shows that the temple was one of the largest temples in Greece; and the material […]

The Relationship between ADD-like Behavior and IQ score

Abstract Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is associated with hyperactivity and loss of attention. Many researchers have established that the disorder may affect learning and social interaction. This study conducted with a sample of 216 individuals reveals that there is a significant negative relationship between attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and IQ. The Relationship between ADD-like Behavior […]

Comparative International Accounting

Preparation an experience log for sessions 1-10 demonstrating an engagement with the material presented and charting the development of your understanding of the learning outcomes

Response to articles

First, give a clear summary of Boyer’s article, dealing primarily with why L-Hopitals textbook was important, what is contained (and what topics from a modern approach were missing) and what criticisms it faced. Next, give a summary of the controversy beween Bernoulli and L-Hopital regarding L-Hopital�s Rule as discussed by Struik.

Business lower division capston-effective presentation

Using your current work organization (or an organization of interest) as the subject matter, research the elements of business and prepare an APA formatted paper that: � Analyzes the organizations basic legal, social, and economic environments � Analyzes the organizations managerial, operational, and financial issues including: o Project Management o Project Timelines o Critical Paths […]

Computers are a valuable addition to modern education.

When seeking to prove, to argue, writers must craft the form of thesis known as a claim. Claims do manifest in work outside of argument courses, although, such as in problem-solution assignments (as students seek to prove a particular solution is best), or in even in conducting evaluation of criteria (to prove an example best […]

Summarize main point from the Lost Hour

In about 500 words (250-1000), summarize the most important ideas of the reading (Lost Hour). Make sure to include as many as possible of the supporting details for each main idea. The reading is written in an informal, popular-book style (rather than in the style of a scientific paper) and it doesnt include formal citations. […]