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What marketing concepts are at issue in the current strategy

· The Firm 1. What are the objectives of the firm? 2. What are the strengths of the firm? 3. What is the firm’s financial condition? 4. What are the constraints and weaknesses of the firm (i.e. financial condition, organizational conflict)? 5. What is the management philosophy? 6. What does the organizational structure tell you […]

What are some examples of effective communication and listening skills for teams

Write a 75- to 100-word response to each of the following prompts: 1. In what ways do teams differ from groups? What factors contribute to a team? When have you worked in a team? What was your experience like? 2. What are some different types of teams? What are the goals of each type of […]

What should be my major worries or concerns about using this type of financing

PART 1 Assume I come to you for advice because I wish to start a small business, let’s say I wish to open a small ice cream stand like the one seen here (this is actually a Tastee Freez near Pittsburgh that I actually owned several years ago) and need financing.  Let’s say I’m looking […]

Should employer business imperatives trump employee 1st amendment rights

Question: Should employer business imperatives trump employee 1st amendment rights? Write a one page opinion paper    APA format

Explain the principles of psychopharmacology as specifically discussed in your course text

 Chapter 2 Explain the principles of psychopharmacology as specifically discussed in your course text? Why is it important for those in the field of psychology to be familiar with these principles? PART 2 Chapter 4 Describe some of the different ways that a drug can be either an agonist or an antagonist? Select a mental health issue […]

Implementing Programs for Female Offenders

You work for a nongovernmental organization (NGO) that is involved in the rehabilitation of female offenders. The local prison wants to implement rehabilitative and educational programs for its female inmates. You need to create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation for the prison authorities, highlighting different programs the prison could implement, such as substance abuse counseling, workforce […]

What sorts of feedback do you want from your instructor on this assignment in the case

In this unit’s discussion, you spent time discussing the value of Wikipedia for college students and analyzing various arguments on the issue. Hopefully, you began to see that the subject of Wikipedia is a complex one, with many informed perspectives, angles, and positions. Now, your job is to develop your own position on Wikipedia by […]

Describe and analyze the necessary activities and key decisions to start a small business

“A  feasibility analysis is a chance to open your eyes, ask yourself some  very tough questions, then check to see whether your idea, as originally  conceived, needs to be modified, refocused, or changed dramatically.  (Or perhaps even scrapped altogether.)” (Abrams, as cited in Scarborough  & Cornwall, 2015, p. 237). With this assignment, you will be […]

Evaluate Cooper’s Ice Center’s situation. What should Claude Cooper do

Case: Claude Cooper, the manager of Cooper’s Ice Center, is trying to decide what strategies to use to increase profits. Cooper’s Ice Center is an ice-skating rink with a conventional hockey rink surface (85 feet × 200 feet). It is the only indoor ice rink in a northern U.S. city of about 450,000. The city’s […]

Identify a problem that currently exists in United States Postal Service and workplace violence

Find an article on the United States Postal Service and workplace violence. The article that you choose should identify a problem that currently exists in an organizational setting. From the topic that you choose, summarize the concerns identified in the article and compare to the organizational policy that you located. Provide your opinions regarding whether […]