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Object relations + psychoanalytic

Ideas of Winnicott Donald W. Winnicott was an English writer since 1930s to 1970s. He was a pediatrician as well as a psychoanalyst. He died at the age of 74, leaving behind remarkable writings, which were free from jargon, making it easy and enjoyable to read. His writing skills and ideas were coiled through radio […]

Overlay of websites for collaboration and evaluation

  Collaboration Technology has revolutionized the world, making it a global village. It is through social sites such as twitter, facebook among others that have effected communication. Nevertheless, these social sites have shortcomings. They are hosted by central authority, which rely on single domains to host personal data for their clients. This is done in […]

South East Asians gambling

a.      One thing I learned about south East Asians gambling is?   That, it is done by both men and women. They are involved into gambling irrespective of time whether day or night, they are actively involved. But mostly they prefer doing it at night. The reason as to why they are so much involved […]

Investment Analysis Explanation

Introduction Company industrial analysis fills the gap between the known and the unknown. In the present global market competition, industrial analysis is a key pillar to bridging gap between the business environment and the information technology. According to Kraft & Starkweather (2010), industrial company analysis comprises of two methods; technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Fundamental […]

I CT’s in a Global Context

Introduction (Hamelink, 1997), explains what it is ICT. According to him, ICT is advancing in technological relationship, which assists in moving information and delivering communication between either two or more parties in the same or different places. ICT is delivered through unique technological systems which work in three basic orders. These are tools that enable […]

The HPV Vaccine

The HPV Vaccine Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) affects close to eighty percent of people and commonly clears by itself. However, some people fail to clear the virus from their reproductive organs which leads to vagina, cervical and vulvar cancer in women as well as genital warts in male and females. This can be transmitted to […]

American slavery

Introduction             The relationship between the slaves and their slave owners was mostly with dislike since the slaves resisted acknowledging their identity as slaves, while the slave owners had to control their slaves and use them as their human property. The outcome of such a relationship is that the slave owners focused on controlling their […]

Malls in Dubai

            The author provides an insight in the transforming city of Dubai. The city has spectacular business malls- the bests in the Middle East. They are designed in a very spectaculars way to attract customers and this has seen the city become the best destination for people who want to shop. The number of malls […]


Introduction             Web 2.0 is a tool connected to web applications that enable user-centered design, dissemination of information, interoperability and collaboration in World Wide Web. Sites developed using this tool allow interaction of users in social media. It enables exchange of ideas between users. Social networking sites, blogs wikis, video sharing hosted services are examples […]

Should sporting heroes model good behavior?

            Sporting heroes of late find more air space on most of the national television and media in general. Most of these heroes despite their prowess and talents, they have their own weaknesses and just like any other human being and are not perfect per sie in their other parts of their lives. The question […]