Consequences of the fall for human nature (from Genesis 3)

1. What is revealed about human nature (from Genesis 1-2)?

Humans are totally different from animals and other creatures on this earth. Humans can think and feel all on their own. What I mean by that is let’s say male dog walks by female dog and she is right at the perfect time to get pregnant. He will mate with her because it is instanced to do so. If a human male walks past a female and she is at the same point as the female dog, the human male can decide to not have sex with her, or to mate with her. In Genesis one and two it tells us that human nature is far more superior do to our ability to use reason and learn from our mistakes. God helps us to better understand our nature, and the nature of God. He offers insight in why he created us. The Bible teaches us that we are created in his (God’s) image. Genesis one and two, also reveals that God has provided some of his attributes and placed them in human beings. Human’s love because of this. With human beings, being made in God’s image, this helps us to be able to love people. (1John 4:16). The compassion, faithfulness, kindness, patience, and fairness are reflected like people. The article and bible provide this information regarding human nature.

2. What are the consequences of the fall for human nature (from Genesis 3)?

Genesis three talks about, sin, sacrifice, and salvation. (Hindson & Yates, 2012) Satan came in to the body of a serpent and manipulates her into taking the forbidden fruit and offering it to her husband Adam. Then God says to Adam and Eve, “You are now cast out of the Garden of Eden, you will have to work hard for everything, when a woman gives birth it will be extremely painful, and men are placed over women.” This will be the first time that man will be introduced to death. Before this point in time all creatures were immortal. This also reveals that it is human nature to blame others for our faults. Just like Eve pasted blame to the serpent for her mistakes. The consequences of sins are death. This shows that we as humans have curiosities. Adam and Eve did not die immediately they lived full and rich lives so to speak. They had to work hard for everything after being kicked out of the Garden.

3. What is revealed about human purpose from the readings? What does it mean for humans to flourish, in other words, to achieve spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being?

The reading tells us that God wanted a human he could talk to and interact with. All men were/are made in God’s own likeness. He wanted man to be able to think and act on their own but still be perfect like Him, so he could be able to talk to us and interact with us all the time. But, it is clear from these readings, that Humans wanted to do their own thing, they (we) are curious creatures. We wanted to test the word of God, because of our curiosity. According to James 1:4, temptation can conceive desire and desire can give birth to sin and sin can give birth to death. So even after giving all the comforts to Adam and Eve, they decided to eat of the fruit and we all know the results of this sin. The readings say that man curiosity got the better of him. Temptation has caused sin to enter this world.

4. How might these questions about human nature, purpose, and flourishing be answered by those holding a pantheistic or atheistic (choose one) worldview?

Man sinned by not following the commands given by God. Man has developed a moral sense of being, but greed and temptations also play a hug part in this as well. If we compared this to Theism, it goes against the beliefs of the worldview that people should carry the image of God. The spiritism and polytheism beliefs show that there are spirits who govern, and material things are real. This answer does not confirm spiritism and polytheism. As man has developed over time, they have developed a moral sense, and become opportunistic, he has created his own values for achievements, and postmodernism worldviews supports the answers. The pantheism has only spiritual dimension, and it does not support the actions of Adam and Eve. The worldview that supports this answer is the Naturalism that does not talk about the values and morals, and these are concerned with individual preferences that can be changed according to situations demands.


Pornography has spread like wild fire since it was introduced to the internet. Pornography has a severe dehumanization, this dehumanization has inflicted a lot of pain, and suffering upon women and children. It has been identified that children at a very young age are being filmed for pornography. There are many videos and plenty of teen sites out there on the web promoting illegal trade of pornography. The dehumanizing act of this has resulted in sexual assault, molestation, and rape of children. This has increased the sexual objectification of women. Worldwide pornography has a net worth of 97 billion dollars in 2017, they make 13,000 movies a year (Strange But True, 2017). Some of the worst abuse cases being seen involve children and adults being penetrated by animals. In 2017 mobile phone sales worldwide exceeded 478 billion US dollars (Statistas, 2018). With the introduction of smart phones (hand held computers) You can now watch porn virtually anywhere in the world. The results of these numbers indicated to that one in every four girls and one in every six boys was possibly sexually victimized that is reported by the national center for missing and exploited children. These findings reveal on a worldwide scale that women and children are becoming nothing more than sexual objects. The attitudes and perception of children and adults have affected this worldwide crime rates. The cases of rape and molestation have been increasing for years now. God needs to become the center of all worldviews. His presents and his beliefs need to come first in this world again. God’s attributes like: compassion, kindness, love need to start working their way back into peoples lives again. God wants to have a spiritual intelligent communication with people. With this happening people will start to become more sensitive and stop these dehumanizing acts. There is a large necessity to curve these dehumanizing acts, and for this very reason, a God-centered worldview must start to be pushed on to people. (wrong word to use, but affective, Pushed.) People need to stick with God’s moral values. This worldviews of doing what you want to profit for yourself is eroding society away rapidly. We as Christians need to start setting the standards that these type things are wrong and we don’t need to be putting our youth through all these misguided things. God needs to be the center of ALL worldview to be able to eliminate the rapid spread of pornography over the internet.

Notes: The visual images and videos must show the after affects of what is not seen on these videos. Where the young people are crying and hiding from any physical contact. Not just the feel-good stuff we see of having sex. This suffering of children and women who are involved in pornography industry.

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