Environment Pollution



Environment Pollution

Week 4 project

Environment Pollution


Environment refers to anything that surrounds an organism. Surrounding consist of the non-living and living organism. Environmental pollution can be defined as contamination of either biological or physical components of the atmosphere (Duarte et.al, 2018). Contamination results in adverse changes in the atmosphere brought by activities of human beings. Adverse changes result in various types of pollution in the environment. Water pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution, radioactive pollution, light pollution, thermal pollution, and visual pollution are examples of environment pollution. Various types of pollution above are caused by improper disposal of waste product and other sources of contaminants. Pollution sources, for example, industries results to adverse effects which require control.

Types of Pollution

Water pollution, radioactive pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, and soil pollution are various types of pollution. Pollution type is determined by the environment which it affects. Water pollution, for example, involves the contamination of water while air pollution involves contamination of the air. Noise pollution involves the sound disturbance in the environment. Also, radioactive pollution is another type of pollution that results in adverse effects. Radioactive pollution involves emission of atomic atoms from the nuclear reaction caused by human activities. Air pollution results from emission of poisonous waste gases that are released to the atmosphere. Carbon monoxide and nitrogen gas are examples of poisonous waste gases that cause air pollution

Sources of Pollution

Sources of pollution refer to sites where waste emission originates. Waste emission or pollutants are components that contaminate the environment. Major sources of pollution include stationary sources, mobile sources, and area sources. Stationary sources refer to power plants, industrial facilities, and oil refineries. Mobile sources of pollution include cars, trucks, and planes. Area sources involve agricultural areas and cities. Mobile sources such as vehicles emit poisonous wastes products to the atmosphere resulting in air and water pollution. Vehicles pollutants such as carbon monoxide and metal oxides result in acidic rainfall. Acidic rainfall also pollutes the water system thus affecting aquatic life in rivers and seas.

Effects of Pollution

Pollution results in adverse effects on the environment. Effects of pollution are evident in various types of pollution. Water pollution poses a great effect on aquatic life. Aquatic life consists of sea creatures such as fish and plants (Watt, 2009). Pollutants such as carbon monoxide, oil, metal oxides, and agricultural chemical such as nitrogen cause water pollution. Oil emission by oil tankers at the sea affects aquatic life. Oil layer covers the top layer of water preventing entry of oxygen gas. Insufficient oxygen results to death of fish and some plant species. Consumption of acidic water also results in cancer illness on human beings.

Control of Pollution

Pollution control is an effective process in the environment. Various sources should have control over their waste products. Control methods include environment-friendly products, recycling, reporting illegal dumping of wastes, and treatment of wastes. Government policy also applies as an effective pollution control method. Environment-friendly products such as unleaded petrol serve as the best pollution control method. Unleaded petrol emission is free from pollutant thus environmental friendly. It is free from carbon monoxide which is a pollutant that causes water pollution (Vallero, 2014). Recycling of products also controls pollution as the intended disposal products are converted to new products. The government also enacts control rules to industries as a measure towards pollution.

Advantages of Pollution Control on the Environment

Control on environment pollution has yielded various advantages. Living and non-living organisms have been protected by these control methods. Unleaded petrol use which is environment-friendly has reduced emission of excess carbon monoxide and metal oxides (Acton, 2012). The action of acid rain has reduced thus control of both air and water pollution. Increased death of aquatic life has also reduced due to this measure. Control on nuclear reactions also has reduced effects of radioactive atoms radioactive emissions pose a great effect on human health by causing cancer illness. Cancer illness is very critical and expensive to treat as it causes an adverse effect to human health resulting to death.


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