The historical development of trends affecting today’s world


Harold Washington College

Department of Social and Applied Sciences

Social Science 101(61674) IAI#S9 900 Section MN/ Fall 2018 12 weeks

Friday 9:30-12:20 Room 1013

Adjunct Instructor: Luis Martinez,Office Rm. 411 Office Hours:12:20-1:00 Phone #312 553-5892

Required Text:Intro to Social Science/Harold Washington College ISBN#13:978-1-307-23984-3

Course Description: A survey of subject matter and concepts selected from the disciplines of Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology. Writing assignments, as appropriate to the discipline, are part of the course.

Prerequisite(s): Eligibility for English 101, or ACT English Score range within (21-36), or

consent of Department Chairperson.


Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, and the text book the student will:

1. Explain the historical development of trends affecting today’s world.

2. Link current events with the general problems and long term trends

3. Define the basic concepts needed to explain the reasons for trends and specific events.

4. Apply several alternative perspectives.

5. Evaluate the feasibility and effects of a variety of coping strategies and solutions

Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Analyze the scientific study of a social science issue conducted by a credible social scientist.

2. Analyze a societal issue or situation from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

3. Apply the scientific method in conducting survey research.

4. Define and describe the context of the pivotal institutions (family, religion, government, economics) in society.

5. Debate orally and in written form current issues of stratification, globalization, technology, environment, deviance, race, ethnicity, age and gender.


“To access Blackboard please go to and enter your CCC user name

and password. Your course will appear once you are logged in. If you do not have (or

forgot) your CCC username and password, go to and click on the link at bottom

of the screen to retrieve your username.”

Academic and Student Policy 10.31


There will be 4 exams, each exam will have questions that will add up to 100 pts. The points from the exams and the research paper will be added together and divided by 5 to arrive at the course final grade.

Exam #1 20%

Exam#2 20%

Exam#3 20%

Exam#4 20%

Research Paper/Presentation: 20% = 100 pts.

Grading Scale:

A – 90-100

B – 80-89

C – 70-79

D – 60-69

F – 59-Below

· Each student will select a course subject related topic and write a paper and present it in class. The presentations will be made throughout the term, during class time. Approval of topic must be obtained by the instructor.

· Students are expected to spend approximately 6(six) hours of time per week completing the reading assignments as well as working on the research paper.

Active Pursuit: The completion of assignments, in-class-projects and general activities of the class, as well as maintaining attendance that allows you the opportunity to effectively succeed in the course.

Class Attendance/Participation: Students are expected to be knowledgeable of all student and academic policies at HWC. Students may access this information through the college catalog or HWC home webpage to review specific policies and expectations regarding attendance and plagiarism. All students are expected to participate effectively in class. “Participating effectively” refers to attending class regularly and punctually, contributing orally to classroom discussions. Homework is reading the appropriate textbook material prior to class. Students who are not present for ¼ of the classes will have their grade lowered by a letter grade regardless. Note: Make up tests are rarely allowed. Research paper will not be accepted in handwritten form. Students must turn off all cell phones and any/all electronic devices that make sounds. No eating during/in class.

“Students are required to attend class. Students will be issued a no-show

withdrawal (NSW) under the following circumstances:

Courses that meet more than once per week: students who do not attend

the first two (2) class sessions will be withdrawn from the class by the

instructor and issued an NSW.

Courses that meet once per week: students who do not attend the first

class session of a course which meets only once per week will be

withdrawn from the class by the instructor and issued an NSW.”

Student Support Services: Please be aware of the following services available to you as students: Wellness Center, Writing Lab, Tutorial Services, Chicago Legal Clinic

City Colleges of Chicago Policies: All students need to be familiar and willing to comply with any and all policies. Most notably for Plagiarism. These can be found in the Academic and Student Policy 8.17.

ADA: HWC abides by the Americans with Disability Act and with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and will provide reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities covered by these laws. If you have a disability for which you may require accommodations, please contact the Disability Access Center located in Rm. 107 or call (312) 553-3050.

FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act(FERPA) Information can be attained at

Section 504, Rehabilitation Act 1973: Information can be attained at

Student Support Services:

Financial Resources

In arranging for the cost of tuition, or to address financial challenges in trying to pay

for college, please visit the Financial Aid Office or learn more about Financial Aid

Guidelines, grants, loans and scholarships.


The Harold Washington College Library offers electronic, database, and print

media to support the scholarly work of students, faculty, and staff as well as

individual and group library and information literacy instruction.

Wellness Center

The Harold Washington College Wellness Center provides mental health and

other social services to support your personal well-being and academic


Writing Lab

The Writing Lab, located in 407A, is pleased to assist students with their writing

with individual and group sessions. Free writing workshops are also available

throughout the semester and will be advertised in the writing lab and on the website.

Tutoring and Academic Support Services:

Tutors are available in a wide variety of subjects to assist students through

individual and group tutoring sessions. Any student should utilize tutoring services

to gain a deeper comprehension of course content and to enhance learning

development. Free academic workshops are also available throughout the semester

and will be advertised in the tutoring areas and on the tutoring website.

Students can meet with a tutor by visiting one of the following tutor locations:

Main Tutoring Center – Room 409

Art Tutoring – 8th Floor (Must be currently enrolled in an HWC Art course)

Applied Sciences – 7th Floor

Math Tutoring – Room 702

Math Emporium- Room 502 (Subject to Availability)

Music Tutoring – 3rd Floor

Science Tutoring – Room 923

Writing Tutoring Lab – Room 407A

Computer Lab

Computers and print stations are available for students to write a paper,

research for class, or check email. Student computers are located in the

Open Computer Lab (room 404) and Library on the fifth floor.

Chicago Legal Clinic –


The Chicago Legal Clinic works directly with students to identify their legal

needs and provide community based quality services.

Career Planning and Placement

Career Planning & Placement offices offer one-on-one support, assistance

with major and career selection, employment participation, and job


Grades First: Grades First is a student support system that will be used by faculty, advisors and tutors to help students achieve success in their classes. Use Grades First to schedule tutoring or advising appointments, or to see communications about your course progress generated by me or your other professors.



Friday 28 Orientation & Ch.1 Sociology in a Changing World


Friday 5 Ch.1 & Ch. 2 Evolution & Genetics

Friday 12 Exam #1

Friday 19 Ch. 3 Culture & Ch.4 Interaction, Groups, and Organizations

Friday 26 Ch. 5 Personality: The Uniqueness of the Individual & Ch. 6 Deviance and Social Control


Friday 2 Exam #2

Friday 9 Ch. 7 Class & Global Inequality & Ch. 8 Race & Ethnicity

Friday 16 Exam #3


Friday 23 No Class

Friday 30 Ch. 9 Gender & Sexuality & Ch. 10 Social Change: Globalization, Population, and Social Movements


Friday 7 Exam #4

Friday 14 Presentations

Note: Topics, subject matter, as well as things that may be mentioned and /or shown/presented in class are not expressly the thoughts nor opinions of this instructor.

*This syllabus may be subject to change

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