Hard decisions in Crash

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Released in September of 2004, Crash the movie is one of successful movies with a minimal budget. The main theme in this movie is issues of racism between the various groups of people. The movie uses people of different races brought out in different instances to bring out racism comments. Due to the racism comments brought about in this movie, the characters in this movie at times find themselves with hard decision to resolve. The movie finds its inspiration from a real time incident that took place in 1991. The title Crash is a metaphor to show the various crashes that occur in this movie. The crashes in this case have to do with the different races of people that are brought about in the movie. As evident from the scenes in this movie, there are various crashes that show racism, bringing the rise of hard decision. Below is an analysis of some of the hard decisions that the characters had to undergo through that were brought about by having elements of racism among these characters.

Tom Hanson one of the main protagonists is faced with a hard decision when it comes to the actions of his partner Ryan. When they pulled over Cameron and his wife Christine, his partner got out of line as far as the profession requires. Instead of carrying out the work in an ethical manner Ryan decides to assault Christine when she refuses to cooperate with him. At this point, Hanson is faced with the decision to support the action of the partner or to go against him. At the end of it all he does not manage to stop his partner from assaulting Cameron’s wife. Later, he tells his partner that he did not act right when he assaulted Christine. In his defense, Ryan tells Hanson a few years down the line he may also act the way he did (Fuchs, Para 5). The unethical behavior of Ryan promote  a scenario where  Hanson decides that he would not work with Ryan and decides to tell their boss  that he needs to change partners. Ironically, Hanson who is a younger office as far as the profession is concerned, is brought about as a character that has more ethical traits than Ryan in this particular context.

John Ryan is brought about as one officer who has anger issues and is out to insult and assault people, especially those of a different race than him. At one time he is forced to apologize to the insurance representative Shaniqua Johnson.  Considering the hatred character of Ryan brought about in this movie, it was one of the hardest things that he had to undergo. The actions by Ryan are a complete opposite of what was expected of him since all along the movie, he was involved in incidents that brought about controversy.  Among the incidents that showed the bad character of Ryan was the incident the he molested Cameron’s wife Christine, though she had not done anything wrong.  The action by Ryan is a show of how family may drive us to do things which are apparently not with in us to ensure their safety (Mishy Para 6). In this case, Ryan’s father was in a danger that called for all the help he could get to ensure that he did not die. Ironically, unlike his son, Ryan’s father was not racism in nature as he used to employ people from different races in his business.

Officer Hanson is also faced with a hard decision when he requests his officers to give Cameron a harsh warning. Incidentally, Cameron had Antony’s gun and was hailing insults to the officers. Normally, this would be a crime against the police officer when one points a gun at them and at the same time throwing insults. However, Hanson did not result to doing this as he took it upon himself and advised the officers to leave Cameron alone, probably because of the incident that occurred when his partner assaulted Cameron wife. The decision to allow Cameroon go free can be considered an appropriate one in this context due to the fact that he was mistreated by the same officer in an earlier encounter. Cameron reciprocated the same act of letting loose someone who wrongs you when he drops Antony in the side walk and returning the gun to him without any kind of punishment.

Among the various incidents in the movie that bring out officer Ryan as an officer without ethics is the fact that he assaulted Christine when she failed to cooperate with her.  The actions by Ryan infuriated Christine to such a way that she was not willing to let Ryan save her when she had an accident. Though she was in such a compromising situation, Christine rejected the assistance of Ryan before she noticed that the gasoline was leaking from the gas tank.  It is due to existence of this situation that Christine made a very hard decision to allow Ryan, who had previously assaulted her to help her get out of the overturned car (Mishy Para 6). The situation also helps out to show how officers interact with the community as the service to the community is shown from this incident. Though Ryan is brought out as a racist character in most parts of the movie, when the responsibility to help out the community is called for he is shown to cooperate with his fellow workers in bid to ensure that the community is safe. The hard decision that Christine took to allow help from a racist officer is a show of togetherness that the society has, even to persons of different race when calamities occur. The same can be said when it comes to Officer Ryan. Though he was a racist who had a low opinion against people of different races, in this case Christine, he was able to get over that and help her out of an accident and offer safety.

Farhad was also a subject of a hard decision that was accompanied by the revenge he wanted to carry out to Daniel. After finding out his real name, he vows to avenge the racist attracts done to his business as he feels that Daniel had something to do with the attack. The revenge was a result of the fact that the insurance company failed to compensate him for the loss caused when the business was vandalized. When he gets to Daniel’s houses, he sees Daniel’s child. It is at this point that he had to make a decision whether to avenge for thinking that Daniel had lied to him.  Avenging for his loss to him was not as important as leaving the child with no father. He therefore did not kill Daniel due to the sole concern he had for the child. The decision not to kill the child shows the existing relationship between the cast members and the community. Hurting children regardless of the race they come from is not welcome to any community. It is also a show of the humane nature of people in the society when it comes to treatment of children, as all communities have high regards for the lives of the young ones (Fuchs Para 4).

Crash can be considered a movie with so many hard decisions to make. As highlighted above, some of these decisions are hard, but in each of them a human character of the characters is brought out.  A good example of such example of such situation is when Ryan offers safety to Christine, which she had earlier assaulted. Racism is also one of the major highlights of this movie. Even the primary course of presence of this hard decision is brought about by having racist individuals. There need not to be calamities so that people can live together without recognizing that some people around them are of different race. A good society would be the one that racism is not a subject that divides the unity that is in existence to the people. On the same note, civil servants should restrain from acting against what the ethics of the profession entail. It is evident that the officers in this movie, especially Ryan, were acting inappropriately or better still, unethically. The service that is to be offered to the public should not have racist comments or action that makes some of them feel left out.

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