Is drug testing good or no good in high school?

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Is drug testing good or no good in high school?

Why do students in high school indulge themselves in using drugs? Students in high school experience peer pressure, and that is when they get involved to peer groups and share a common figurative image.  They consider taking drugs as an influential characteristic from their peers. Some of them purchase certain norm from their friends and parents should consider being reliable for guidance and concealing to their children. Drug issues have been a worldwide debate that most countries involve to save their children from the calamity of drugs, but the question still remains unanswered on whether drug testing is good or not good in high schools. Look at a country where drug testing is not done, putting in mind, drug peddlers are seen anywhere in the world, they distribute drugs to everybody in need of them and do not consider whether the buyers are at a young age or an old age, what they need is to sell the drugs and get money. In such a country, drug risks lie on the young people who have a great influence from other parties on the consequences of taking drugs.  According to this, drug testing in high school has a great advantage since children have graduated from their childhood and are meeting adolescent partners who have both positive and negative influences. Peer group start in high school where children encourage each other to perform activities that generate attraction from other friends. They try to involve in drugs like marijuana, nicotine, cocaine and heroin (Louria para 3).  Parents and guardians should not assume that their children are safe enough from other peer groups. They should indulge and encourage the government and other any supportive drug companies that are against drug taking in high schools. A high percentage of deaths caused by drug taking are commonly found in high school.

Probably, drug testing is the only way a parent can be able to know whether the child is involved in drugs. But the outcomes of the process of testing drugs in a child can be negative to the relationship between the child and the parent. Look at a process whereby the child discovers that the parent stole her hair to be analyzed for drug testing; the relationship between the parent and the child becomes ruined. This means that it is not an easy process to put a student on drug testing process; it is a process which needs a lot of counseling.

Drug testing in high school creates awareness between the child and the parents. In the process of taking drug testing, the drug testing doctors provide counseling periods where the child is involved in a counseling talk with the doctors. Specific advice is given to the student and encouragements on taking the drug testing process are also provided. This gives a chance to the student to negotiate the importance of drug testing hence awareness is created when the child knows the consequences of drug taking. It gives the student a way out of drugs.  It is an advantage process to the parents of the drug victim to establish on how to help their children out of drugs and the influencing peer pressure (Dupont & Lisa 13). The parent creates a position of knowing what is going on with his/ her child. Most of the students get involved in drugs when they join high school therefore , It is more significant and encouraging when the student and parents know the consequences of drug taking when the process of taking drugs is detected at an early stage.  The parent will be in a position to understand, seek advice and be able to control the student’s life before it is too late on drug taking.

When the process of taking drug testing is introduced in high schools, many drug officials relate and conduct searches on the type of a particular drug that is highly used in the community. To obtain a positive result, the research to be conducted is very important for the officials to be able to test a particular type of drug. The major purpose of drug testing is not to violate students and make them seen as drug users. The major fact of testing students is to keep them off from using drugs and assist the students who may be drug dependents.  In the process of drug testing, the confidentiality of a student is well taken care of and privacy of the student is not deterred (Yamaguchi & Patrick15). Once the student is approved positive on drugs, a lot of concerned is created on how well the student should be kept away from drug. This is whereby the students’ parents are involved and a lot of counseling is required.

Some experts oppose drug testing in high school, for instance the American Academy of Pediatrics introduced a policy statement that opposed drug testing in high school, and they argued main concepts on safety, privacy effectiveness and accuracy on drug testing. They explained that to rehabilitate high school students from drug taking would need more research and issued recommendations to parents who are concerned about their children getting involved in drugs. They explained that the parent should consult the child’s primary care physician or a health instructor rather than being reliable on drug testing (Taylor Para 16).

However, many experts have argued that drug testing should not be encouraged in high schools.  Research has been conducted on marijuana taking and almost 40% of the students take marijuana in high school and a large percentage of about 75% take alcohol within duration of one month (kern et al. 5). The experts argue on the dimension of how the drug testing will deter such students from taking drugs.   Another research back in 2003 was conducted in Michigan University and the results showed that drug testing had no impact on drug use in high school.  Students tested in a particular school and students who were not tested in another school had almost the same use of drugs. In fact, high school students were found to be highly in use of marijuana drug. Such results appeared to be negative on drug testing due to a number of reasons. Drug testing is not reliable, for instance testing urine for drugs gives 47% accuracy (Kern et al. 3). Drugs being tested include even the common cold medicine which shows up amphetamines which is a false positive.  The results prove that students involved in drugs due to the traces of amphetamine seen in drug testing process but they come from the drugs provided for the common colds.  Drug testing can also have impacts on constitutional rights and principles such as innocent until proven guilty. The process of drug testing requires a person to be proven innocent and interfering with the principle of innocent and guilty has an impact. The fourth amendment of the American constitution states that people have the rights against searches and seizures. Drug testing is an unreasonable concept according to the constitutional rights because there is no need of suspecting a student is using drugs and if there was suspicion then a drug test would be introduced (Thomas 10). This means that drug testing in high school is testing student without any suspicion. Then this lies to a common question, what if the government decided to take a search of drugs in the house of citizens? It is unconstitutional idea without a possibility action.

Drug testing in high school is a major process that should be defined by the government and accepted by the society. Parents and the government are supposed to know that students in high school have peer pressure. Drug peddlers are able to sell drugs to students, and students are capable of taking drugs due to their peer influence. Students in high school tend to meet different type of students from all types of life living either from a poor background to a rich background, but the status of the child coming from either poor or rich background does not deter them from using drugs. A student can be introduced to drugs and get addicted to drugs like the fellow friends. Drug testing in high schools gives a wider opportunity of the government to relate the security of the young people and the risks that should be avoided at an early stage. Therefore regulation of drug taking is made easy and creation of awareness is introduced to the student and the parent through drug testing in high school.

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