Money and Capital Markets

MAF202 Money and Capital Markets – Assignment T2 2016
Assignment due  Friday 2 nd September 2016
Electronic copy to be submitted no later than
Assignment worth 20%
Assignment  Rubric  is  provided  on
Notes on Assignment Submission
1. All assignments are to be submitted online in the appropriate assignment submission folder
on CloudDeakin. They are counted as “on time” if submitted by 5pm AEST or AEDST on
the due date. No submission is permitted after 24 hours since the deadline.
2. All on-campus students need to enrol in a group of 2 to 3 students to submit the
assignment on CloudDeakin. Off-campus students have an option to do the
assignment individually or to join a group of 2 to 3 students. You can form a group
with any student from any campus, cohort or seminar group. The only requirement is that
all members should be currently enrolled in MAF202 2016 Trimester 2. Both on-campus
and off-campus students need to enrol in a group for assignment submission even if
the assignment is done individually.
3. Group Number can be found under the headline On-campus Groups ONLY and Off-
campus Groups ONLY. A mixed group of on-campus and off-campus students should
enrol in Off-campus Groups category. Students can enrol themselves into a group or
remove themselves out of a group. Once you are enrolled in a group, you are not able to
enrol into another group before removing yourself out of the group you are currently
enrolled. The deadline for group enrolment is 5 pm Aug 30 2016. After this deadline, the
member(s) of group will not be allowed to switch to another group.
4. It is up to the group to manage the group dynamics and get equal contribution from all
members. It is a good idea to appoint a leader to direct and coordinate the activities of the
group, including allocating tasks (questions) among the group members. All group members
are expected to discuss the assignment as a whole and contribute to preparing answers to all
questions. Before the final submission of the assignment all group members are expected to
review and edit all questions, as appropriate.
5. When submitting online, you must check that you have submitted work correctly by
following the instructions provided in CloudDeakin. This involves completion of the
plagiarism statement by the student designated to submit the electronic copy on behalf of
the group. Only one copy of the assignment per group is to be lodged.
6. Each student will be required to participate in the research and completion of the set tasks
equally. On the last page of the report, you need to have a Statement of Contribution
which indicates the work done (in percentage) by each student.
7. Each submitted report will be automatically scanned for plagiarism detection. If your work
is similar to the work done by others, you will be given ZERO mark for this assignment and
possibly be referred to the Student Misconduct Committee for a formal proceeding.
8. While the Custom textbook is a good starting point, you will need to supplement it with research on
the internet and various finance journals. You will need to reference APRA, RBA web site and
Federal Reserve Bank of US as a minimum to source material for the assignment.
9. The preferred method of referencing is according to the Harvard System. There is no excuse
for incorrect referencing. If you use any source you MUST reference it and have in-text
citation. That means that within or at the end of the paragraph you will have a reference.
You can check what is required here by using student resources online at:
10.  This assignment requires the preparation of a business report. It is to be typed (font:
Times New Roman, size :12, line spacing: 1.5) and presented in business report format,
• An Executive Summary,

代写 MAF202 Money and Capital Markets

• Main report (to address three assignment questions)
• Summary/Conclusion
• Referencing using Harvard (Author Date) system.
• Reference List and Appendices
For guidance on preparing a Business Report you should refer to a business communication
textbook, or the following Deakin Study Support website:
The body of the report (i.e. main report) should not exceed 2,500 words. Figures and Tables
can be included in the appendices.
Assignment Tasks
Task 1 (12 marks)
The dramatic growth in information and communications technologies in the 1990s had led to
the explosive growth of E-commerce. E-commerce refers to the type of business where buying
and selling of products or a service is conducted through electronic transactions. This new
business environment provides a lucrative opportunity for the financial industry to offer new
products and services to serve the needs of e-business.
1. Analyse the impacts of e-financial products and services on the flow of funds in the
market. (4 marks)
2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of commercial banks operating in this
environment. (4 marks)
3. Identify and analyse key challenges faced by prudential authorities in regulating
banking practices in this environment. (4 marks)
Task 2 (10 marks)
A considerable body of academic research supports the argument that the slope of the yield
curve (i.e. the spread between short term and long term interest rates) is a reliable predictor of
future economic activity. Investors and policy makers have extensively used yield curves as a
simple forecasting tool in real time to better understand business cycles.
1. Critically examine how changes in the slope of the yield curve provide possible
explanation for changes in economic prospect of the Australian economy from March
2011 to March 2015. (5 marks)
Notes: For this task, students are required to construct slopes of the yield curves and plot the
slopes together with the Australian economic growth over the same period.
2. Economists often use combined indicators to reconcile explanations for what happened
to the economy in the past as well as reaffirming their prediction of economic outlook
in the future. Use the unemployment rate and building approvals indicators provided
on Cloud Deakin to justify the reliability of the yield slope as a leading indicator of the
business cycle. (5 marks)
Task 3 (14 marks)
In the after mass of the European Debt Crisis, Basel III Capital Accord introduced by the
Bank for International Settlements were implemented in Australia in Jan 2013 and have had
significant impacts on the way commercial banks operate in Australia.
1. Discuss the main reason(s) for the implementation of Basel III. (5 marks)
2. Identify and discuss the outcomes the Australian Prudential and Regulation Authority
(APRA) expects to achieve through this implementation. (4 marks)
3. Counter cyclical capital buffer (CCB) is one of the key focus of Basel III on the
standards for risk-based capital of financial institutions. Demonstrate your
understanding of systemic risk and the use of CCB to moderate systemic risk. (5 marks)
Presentation: 4 marks
MAF202 Money and Capital Markets

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