Nietzsche’s condemnation of the concept that “man ought to be such and such”

How reasonable is Nietzsche’s condemnation of the concept that “man ought to be such and such” (para. 10)? What is wrong with the command “Change yourself!”? Write an essay that analyzes Nietzsche’s complaints. Is he all wrong? Is he partly right? What should be the view of a reasonable person in regard to the moral issues at stake here?  Make sure you become familiar with his other works to fully develop your argument. 


Requirements: ( MUST FOLLOW)

*Eight to ten pages typed, double-spaced (eight full pages minimum, or automatic fail)

*Since this is a research paper, you need to be able to incorporate your own ARGUMENT about your selected issue with support, examples, statistics, and facts from the text and at least SIX OUTSIDE SOURCES MINIMUM.

*All sources must be from literary journals, articles, essays, books, or reputable websites (all of which can be online).

*Only use quotes that directly support your paper.  Remember: each quote should equal ONE to THREE sentences of analysis and explanation.

*Avoid long quotes (four or more lines), but if integrated, be sure to review MLA format for guidelines.

*This is worth 200 points. You MUST submit a research paper (on time) to pass this class.  No exceptions.


Methods of Organization: ( MUST FOLLOW )

*Your background information may take at least a paragraph or two

*Your thesis and plan of development may take up a paragraph on its own—it generally will be longer than a sentence in a research paper and should contain three parts: the topic with position, the plan of development, and the commentary (the “so what”) about the position—this last sentence usually explains to the readers why they should care about the issue at hand and the list of reasons, effects, or elements.

*Generally, there is development of the problem, the effects of that problem, and then solution.

*Other times, there is development through the history of the situation, the new social/cultural norms or beliefs, and then the outcomes of this progress.

*The solution usually contains hypotheticals, which is really only appropriate at the end of the essay, to give hope J.  Hypotheticals should not be the basis of the essay.  The basis is research.

Research Tips

All semester, you will be working on your Research Essay and Visual Presentation, which is a process essay that you will be planning and writing in steps.  It is worth more points than any other assignment, so please carve out the time and do the work to make this your best essay.

Here are some really important tips broken down for you.  You will be able to find this information in the Research Essay folder as well.  You may need to cut and paste the URLs and put them in a new window if you have pop-up blockers.

Note: you will need to cut and paste these links into your browser or go straight to the SDCCD library sites and navigate there.  If you are having problems with access, contact the LRC help desk immediately or make sure your browser has enabled pop-ups.  Also, you may want to try multiple browsers, since some have a trickier time navigating search engines than others.

  1. Search Engines to Use

First of all, the best search engines are those through our SDCCD library, which contain scholarly, published, and peer-reviewed sources.  Peer reviewed means that other professionals of that field have read and approved the essay, article, or book.

Here is the list of search engines to use (instead of Google):

You can use your student ID and last name for access, and these can be accessed in the library or at home.  These are incredibly valuable sources and they cost the school thousands of dollars a year, so please take advantage of them!  I personally love ProQuest and SIRS, so consider starting there.

  1. Other University Library Sources

Our school also gives access to other libraries throughout San Diego County.  Therefore, you have opportunities to explore many resources that our own library may not carry. Here are the webpages that have the other university databases and how to access them:


These above pages will certainly be useful to you, so take the time to peruse them and find out ways to access materials.

  1. Go into Our Huge Library and Utilize Our Knowledgeable Librarians

We are very lucky to have our new and improved LRC right next door to the H building. Please take the initiative and go in there to ask a librarian about the best ways to research your particular topic.  They may be able to tell you which search engine is best or even direct you to specific books.  They can also give you handouts on the above information regarding search engines, database access, and using their library.



  1. If You Are Determined to Use Google, 🙁 Find Reputable Sources This Way

Quick reminder: DO NOT USE Wikipedia as a primary source. You are, however, welcome to use the reference page on the bottom of whatever you’re searching on Wikipedia to find reputable sources.

This information below was taken from and I used it because it gives the exact same advice I gave in class:

“It is your responsibility as a researcher to find and use the trustworthy sources. There are several ways to investigate your source.

Investigate the Author

In most cases, you should stay away from Internet information that doesn’t provide the name of an author. While the information contained in the article may be true, it is more difficult to validate information if you don’t know the credentials of the author.

If the author is named, you will want to find his/her web page to:

  • Verify educational credits
  • Discover if the writer is either published in a scholarly journal
  • Discover if the writer has published a book from a university press
  • Verify that the writer is employed by a research institution or university

Observe the URL

If the information is linked to an organization, try to determine the reliability of the sponsoring organization. One tip is the url ending. If the site name ends with .edu, it is most likely an educational institution. Even so, you should be aware of political bias.

If a site ends in .gov, it is most likely a reliable government web site. Government sites are usually good sources for statistics and objective reports.

Sites that end in .org are usually non-profit organizations. They can be very good sources or very poor sources, so you’ll have to take care to research their possible agendas or political biases, if they exist.

For instance, is the organization that provides the SAT and other tests. You can find valuable information, statistics, and advice on that site. is a non-profit organization that provides educational public broadcasts. It provides a wealth of quality articles on its site. (Professor’s Note: I believe and are outstanding sources).

Other sites with the .org ending are advocacy groups that are highly political in nature. White it is entirely possible to find reliable information from a site like this, as always, you should be mindful of the political slant and acknowledge this in your work.

Online Journals and Magazines

A reputable journal or magazine should contain a bibliography for every article. The list of sources within that bibliography should be pretty extensive, and it should include scholarly, non-Internet sources.

Check for statistics and data within the article to back up the claims made by the author. Does the writer provide evidence to back up his statements?

News Sources

Every television and print news source has a web site. To some extent, you can rely on the most trusted news sources, but you should not rely on them exclusively. After all, network and cable news stations are involved in entertainment. Think of them as a stepping stone to more reliable sources.”

  1. Reminder about Integrating Sources

First of all, please do not “cherry-pick” quotes by using one from a site that contains ONLY great quotes on your topic.  This could also mean taking a great quote from a passage or article without reading the rest of the article or putting it into context.  Second of all, avoid websites (which can be written by ANYONE), and use the information above to discern that you have found a reputable online source.

Third, always introduce a source in your essay with the full title and the author.  Then, use the author’s last name when referring to him or her after.  I would also recommend putting the quote into context by giving a one or two sentence explanation of what the author’s view is or what the article/essay/chapter is about.  Then, lead into the quote (do not just start a sentence with a quote), put the appropriate information in parentheses, and then analyze the quote.  Your analysis should be as long or longer than the quote itself.  This research is meant to support your argument, not to speak for you.

Avoid using long quotes (longer than four lines).  If you do use one, find out how to integrate it properly. 

  1. Use MLA Format! Avoid Plagiarism!

Not giving credit to your sources properly can be considered plagiarism, and will, at the very least, cause a major loss of points.

I have made a pretty awesome Resource Packet that reviews the basics of MLA format and has a sample Works Cited page.  You can also find an MLA PowerPoint for more guidance all in the top folder called “Resources Packet and Other Essay Writing Guidance” in Resources.

So, please review MLA format to properly integrate these sources and then cite them in a Works Cited page.

Here are two other great places to go:

Remember to ask me or a librarian (or even a classmate) questions along the way.  Good luck!!


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