Pop Culture

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Pop Culture

The market for consumer goods faces intense competition arising from the consumer side, suppliers, regulating authorities, and also from other environment protection side, thus affecting the performance of different market players. Because a greater number of companies are competing in a particular product category that target the same consumer, this results in high competition from each side in terms of promotional campaigns, obtaining shelf space in the retail points, and improving the brands image among consumers (Gary and Eliane 35). Any particular consumer goods market is turbulent and very dynamic, take for example, the carbonated soft drink (CSD) market where the key market players are Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Coca-cola promotion has had a significant effect on American advertising and its overall culture; it has deployed print advertisements since the start of the company. Examples of its print advertisement are “Drink coca-cola” which was first print and published in 1895, “coke adds life”, which was published in 1975 and branded coke as the soft drink for all occasions. This targeted the young and was designed to show consumers that coke adds enjoyment to life.  “Coke side of life” was another print ad which was published in 2002 among many others. Coca-cola has also deployed television advertisements in bid to enhance its brand name, an example of television ad is “coke adds life” which was introduced in 1976 and emphasized refreshment. It tried to show coke as a perfect accompaniment to food, fun and leisure.

Pepsi has also tried to deploy both print media and television advertisement in its marketing strategy. Pepsi introduced the Pepsi challenge marketing campaign where it set up a blind tasting between its Pepsi-cola and its rival Coca-cola. During the blind tastes, majority of the tasters chose Pepsi as better tasting and Pepsi took advantage of this campaign with TV commercials and reported the tests back to the public.

The marketing strategy deployed by both Coca-Cola and Pepsi is to market their product as part of a lifestyle. Coca-Cola uses phrases such as “Coke side of life” in its print and television advertisements and in its website (www.coca-cola.com), while Pepsi uses phrases such as “Hot Stuff” in its website (www.pepsi.com). Pepsi tries to target the young audience by affiliating to pop culture, and its commercials which they featured Britney Spears and Keshauntae Brown who are both Pop music artists. Coca-Cola on the other hand, employs a classical appeal in its advertisements possibly because of the history it has as the standard of CSDs. Coke traditional logo is very common and tasters and drinkers can associate with it.

In the recent Pepsi, decided not to use its “super bowl” advertisements and focused on a “Refresh everything” campaign and asked its audiences to come up with ideas that can help refresh the world in terms of health, nature, art and culture, food and shelter, and education after which audiences submit their descriptions and Pepsi selects which ones to fund. This greatly influenced their customer relations. Coca-cola on the other hand has been using social media to build up their customer relationships. Coca-cola has the second most popular fan page on face book (after President Obama).

Generally, the advertising trends of both companies have been revolutionized from the traditional print and TV ads to the use of social media to sensitize and enhance brand name of their products (Gary and Eliane 50). For instance, Coca-cola was the official sponsor of the 2010 world cup.

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