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Table of Contents

3Project Description

3Project Management Approach

3Project Assumptions and Constraints

3Responsibility Assignment Matrix

4Stakeholder Acceptance Process

5Project Scope

6Work Breakdown Structure

7Project Schedule

7Project Budget

7Risk Management Strategy

7Quality Management Strategy

Project Description

The project description is a summary of the project and the deliverables or outcomes expected as a result of conducting the project. The project description typically includes a statement of the purpose of the project and the justification for undertaking the project from a business perspective. It also includes project objectives, high-level requirements, and how project success will be measured.


Project Management Approach

A project management approach or methodology defines the specific way that projects will be managed within an organization. There are a variety of project management methodologies available. The one that is chosen should match the needs of the organization and the characteristics of the project.

Refer to Parts 1 and 2 of the St. Dismas Assisted Living Facility case study. Part 1 provides an overview of the project. Part 2 describes the steps that are being taken to plan the project.

Formulate the project management approach that will be used to conduct the St. Dismas Assisted Living Facility project as follows:

· Describe the similarities and differences between various approaches to managing projects. (3-4 paragraphs)

· Describe the project management approach that will be used for this project. (one page)

Project Assumptions and Constraints

Project assumptions are factors that may be true but are not confirmed and can impact the project. Constraints are factors that impose limits or boundaries on the project.


Responsibility Assignment Matrix

A Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) is a tool that is used to document the roles and responsibilities of project resources. A RAM provides role clarity for project team members. One type of RAM, the RACI chart, designates responsibility and authority to project resources at the task level making it clear who is responsible for what and who has decision-making authority.

Refer to Part 1 of the St. Dismas Assisted Living Facility (ALF) project.

Fred Splient, the President of St. Dismas, formed the ALF Project Steering Committee naming key stakeholders to participate. Fred is taking responsibility for managing the project. He has assigned other planning tasks to each member of the committee.

Using the table below, create a RAM:

· In the top row of the RAM (Table 2), add the names and titles of the other members of the ALF Project Steering Committee. In the first column of the RAM (Table 2), add the planning tasks that have been assigned to the other members of the committee. Under the name and title of each individual, add one or more codes from the RAM Role (Table 1) that indicate the role each stakeholder is assigned for his or her respective tasks. NOTES: Add rows and columns to Table 2 as needed to document the committee members’ roles on the project. A stakeholder may have more than one role assigned for a task.

Table 1: Responsibility Assignment Matrix Role

R: Responsible for doing the task
A: Accountable to ensure the task gets done
C: Consulted before the task is executed
I: Informed when the task is completed

Table 2: Responsibility Assignment Matrix

Task Fred Splient


Name / Title Name / Title Name / Title Name / Title
Manage project R, A

Communicating with project team members / stakeholders who need to be consulted prior to executing a task requires a two-way exchange. One-way communication is used for those who need to be informed about the progress of the project.

Using the RAM you created, describe the communications plan for the St. Dismas ALF project.

· Describe the methods that will be used to communicate with project team members / stakeholders who are to be consulted on project tasks. (2-3 paragraphs)

· Describe the methods that will be used to communicate with project team members / stakeholders who are to be informed about project progress. (2-3 paragraphs)

Stakeholder Acceptance Process

The project approval procedure is a formalized process for obtaining stakeholder approval and sign-off before the project team can proceed to the next step in the project. Stakeholder approval is typically required at milestones in the project when major project deliverables are completed.


Project Scope

Project scope defines all of the work that must be done to deliver the expected outcome or product of the project. The project scope statement describes precisely what is and what is not included in the project. The scope of the project is derived from stakeholder requirements and is used as input to create the Work Breakdown Structure.

Refer to Table 4: St. Dismas ALF Construction Project Plan in the case study.

Compose a project scope statement.

· Describe, in detail, the scope of work required for each of the four phases of the construction project to build the ALF at St. Dismas. (3-4 paragraphs)

· Describe, in detail, the deliverables from each of the four phases of the construction project to build the ALF at St. Dismas. (3-4 paragraphs)

Work Breakdown Structure

The WBS is used in project management to depict the scope of a project. In addition, the WBS is the primary source of information for the development of the project schedule and network diagram, for the determination of project resources, and is an important element of performance measurement. At the lowest level of detail, the WBS depicts all of the activities/tasks that the project team will be required to perform in order to complete the project.

Refer to Table 4: St. Dismas ALF Construction Project Plan in the case study.

Kyle Nanno, the construction project manager for the St. Dismas ALF project, prepared a project plan for the construction of the facility. Many of the tasks are at a summary level. Fred has asked Kyle to provide a greater level of detail for the four phases of the project.

· Produce a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the construction of the St. Dismas ALF. The WBS must be decomposed to three levels and include at least two deliverables from each of the four phases in the construction project plan.

· Describe the purpose of a WBS, how it is created, and why it an important tool in project management. (2-3 paragraphs)

Project Schedule

A project schedule is developed by estimating the duration of each of the activities defined in the Work Breakdown Structure. A Gantt Chart is a graphical representation of the project schedule that shows, among other things, the project’s critical path. Activities on the critical path are those that, if delayed, will impact the project finish date. A Network Diagram is another graphical representation of the project schedule. It depicts the relationships among the project activities.

· Using the WBS you created, construct a Gantt Chart and a Network Diagram for the construction of the St. Dismas ALF facility.

· Briefly describe one qualitative and one quantitative tool or technique that can be used to estimate activity durations.

Project Budget

The project budget is developed after project costs have been estimated. The budget represents the amount of funding that will be requested for the project.

Refer to Figure 1: St. Dismas ALF Preliminary Budget in the case study.

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at St. Dismas hired a consultant to assist with developing the ALF project budget. The estimated cost for building the new facility is $6,743,000. Before approving the budget, Fred Splient the president of St. Dismas, wants more detail.

· Using the WBS you created estimate the costs for each of the four phases in the construction project plan.

· Explain what estimating techniques and assumptions you used to develop the project budget.

(one page)

Risk Management Strategy

It is important to develop risk management strategies for every project. Depending on the nature and size of the project, a comprehensive risk management plan may be required. The goal of risk management is not necessarily to eliminate risk but to maximize opportunity for gain and minimize the chance of loss.

Refer to Table 4: St. Dismas ALF Construction Project Plan in the case study.

Develop a risk management strategy for the construction of the St. Dismas ALF.

· Describe risks associated with the scope, schedule, and cost of the project.

· Describe a risk response strategy for each of the risks associated with the project.

(one page)

Quality Management Strategy

Customer satisfaction depends on delivering quality results of a project. Establishing quality targets and managing them throughout the project increases the chances of a successful outcome of the project.

Develop a quality management strategy to manage the St. Dismas Assisted Living Facility case.

· Explain the difference between quality assurance and quality control.

· Describe the quality requirements for the project.

· Briefly describe how you plan to manage project quality.

(one page)

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