The most dengerous transport mode

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Unique safety procedures for shipping sea revolve around the container and ensure the container does not allow of a safety hazard. The first safety feature is that the containers interlock. This prevents the containers from falling into the ocean and harming the marine life. The second is ensuring the container is loaded properly and prevent any tipping when loading the container. If the container is not balanced it could cause the cargo to shift damaging boxes and leaking hazardous material. All hazardous material also must be properly identified so if there is an accident proper care can be taken when cleaning up the mess. A preload check should also be done to ensure the container is not rusting or have any holes where cargo could leak from causing harm.

The unique safety features involving air include proper labeling, proper rest of pilots, and new regulations to mitigate risks. Several things the FAA is doing is properly informing pilots of cargo, so the pilots know the risks and can properly ask should an incident occur as well as making sure pilots are well rested. More cargo accidents occur from pilot error than from a packaging errors, so reducing the human error the FAA can mitigate the risk of a hazardous material incident. The FAA is also working to create new regulations for certain hazardous material. They have realized that the risk is too high with current transport, so they are looking to change the way the product is shipped. An example of this is lithium batteries. Lithium batteries often cause fires during flights, but the FAA is working to reduce the charge that batteries are shipped at to reduce the risk of a spark and a fire while in transport.

The unique safety features involving truck are similar to sea due to the containers often being loaded directly from sea to truck. The cargo must be properly weighted to ensure the container is in accordance with highway regulations. The cargo inside the trailer must also be properly secured. This includes straps and pads in between pallets or boxes to ensure movement is minimal, any movement can cause hazardous material to leak or burst. Proper labeling is also always a must. The dispatch and truck driver must properly label the trailer and the pallets to make sure hazardous material is not placed together with anything that could be harmful.

The unique safety features of rail include proper labeling as previously mentioned, higher quality tanker cars, and specialized operating procedures. Today rail cars can carry anything from containers to tankers. One of the specialized safety features in rail are the improved tankers. These tankers reduce the risk of a leak or spill occurring. The tankers are made from a high grade steel which protects against the heat and is thicker making it hard to puncture. The tankers also are equipped with smaller valves and fittings. These are the parts that wear easily and can cause leaks so ensuring these are top notch reduces the risk of spills. Operations are also adjusted when hazardous material is aboard. Train speed is lowered to help protect the hazardous material. The federal government is also pushing for a regulation that requires two crew members on board versus the current one.

The final mode of transport is pipeline. Pipeline is different from many of the other modes because the pipes do not move, so the location of the pipe is the most important safety aspect. Pipelines should not be placed near a fault line or an area with a large risk of wildfires. These natural disasters can cause the pipes to break, bend or burst. The pipes are a high quality steel to prevent puncturing and bending. Warning signs are also placed to warn the public of dangers. These keep the hazardous material safe during transport.


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This week we are discussing the safety concerns of the 5 modes of transportation. The 5 modes of transportation are road, rail, marine, air and intermodal. Lets take a look at them one at a time.

Road Transportation is the dangerous type of transportation. Thousands of lives are lost every year from accidents on the road ways. Safestart says that distracted drivers are nearly three times more likely to be involved in a collision then attentive drivers (SafeStart, 2017). Another safety concern is drivers that are under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Rail Transportation safety concerns can also be distracted train engineers. If an engineer is on their phone, they might miss signals to start slowing down or a draw bridge is up. Speed is also another concern. Just because its a train, don’t mean it cant be traveling to fast (Dec. 18, 2017 a passenger train derailed in Washington state when it was traveling to fast as it entered a   25 mile curve.)

Marine Transportation safety concerns can be drinking and driving the ship (Exxon Valdez). Another concern is not following the right course. There has been many accidents out on the open waters because ships did not follow their course.

Air Transportation can also have pilots that are under the influence of alcohol flying. The plane must also be sure its not caring any chemicals that is not safe to fly. Weather is a major concern to air transportation.

Pipeline Transportation has its own safety concerns. Aging pipes can lead to the pipe becoming weak and leaking. Old pipes are often left in the ground, even after they are replaced.

There is many safety concerns in all forms of transportations. Giving employees the proper training will help reduce some of the accidents. We live in time now that distractions are all over the place. The roads would be much safer if people would pay more attention to the road or rails instead of their phones.


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Which one of  the five modes of transportation do you think is the most dangerous today in n 2018 to you, your family, the general population? And why?

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