What would happen to the width of the interval if the researcher had used a larger sample size

2. Explain why it would not be reasonable to use estimation after a hypothesis test for which the decision was “fail to reject Ho.”

4. A researcher has constructed 80% confidence interval of µ = 45 ± 8, using a sample of = 25 scores.

a. What would happen to the width of the interval if the researcher had used a larger sample size?

b. What would happen to the width of the interval if the researcher had used 90% confidence instead of 80%?

c. What would happen to the width of the interval if the sample variance increased? (Assume other factors constant.)

8. Problems 16 in chapter 9 described a study by Harlow (1959) in which infant monkeys were placed in cages with two artificial mothers. “One mother was made of wire mesh and had a bottle from which the infant could feed and the second mother of soft terry cloth but did not provide any food. Data for a sample of n = 9 monkeys showed that the infants spent an average an average of = 15.3 hours per day with SS =216 with the terry cloth mother. Use the data to estimate how many hours per day would be spent with the terry cloth mother for the entire population of the infant monkeys. Make a point estimate and 80% confidence interval of the population mean.

14. There is some evidence suggesting that you likely to improve your test score if you rethink and change answers on a multiple –choice exam (Johnston, 1975). To examine this phenomenon, a teacher gave the same final exam to two sections of a psychology course. The students in one section were told to turn in their exams immediately after finishing, without changing any of the answers. In the other section, students were encouraged to reconsider each question and to change answers whenever they felt it was appropriate. The average score for the n = 20 students in the no- change section was M = 74.2 with SS = 460.6. The average for the = 20 students in change section was M = 78.6 with SS = 512.2

a. Make a point estimate of the population mean difference mean difference between the test conditions.

b. Make a 95% confidence interval estimate of the mean difference between the two conditions.

c. Based on your answers to part b, would a two- tailed hypothesis test with α = .05 conclude that there is a significant difference between to conditions? (Is µ1 -µ2 = 0 an acceptable hypothesis?)

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