Which of the following was NOT a way in which the War for American Independence affected colonial civilians?

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Which of the following was NOT a way in which the War for American Independence affected colonial civilians? Many urban dwellers suffered profound dislocations. The fences of many colonial civilians were torn down by British soldiers for firewood. The movement of people across territories in the colonies caused the spread of disease. While the British took food and other supplies from colonists, slaves were not confiscated.

Question 32  of 50 Which of the following statements about the voyages of Christopher Columbus is correct? Columbus was a Spanish sailor who sailed for Italy. Columbus’s urge to explore was nourished by ideas and questions about the geographic limits of his world. Columbus was inspired by hopes of contributing to the Catholic reconquest of France. Though Columbus had set out to reach Asia, he realized almost immediately that he was in an altogether different continent.

Question 33  of 50 A series of acts in 1774 passed by the British parliament that included closing the port of Boston to all shipping and barring local courts from trying British soldiers and officials became known by Bostonians as the _______ Acts. Anti-American Grinding Intolerable Unbearable

Question 34  of 50 Which of the following was a feature of northern colonial farming communities? In the early years of these communities, most people within them were either very rich or very poor. Northern colonial farming was more intense than Southern colonial farming. Soils in New England were much richer than soils in the middle colonies. By the eighteenth century, widespread property ownership and rising population created a limited land supply that drove many New Englanders to the frontier or to other areas.

Question 35  of 50 Dutch settlement in North America was centralized in the colony of New Netherland, which is presently the state of _______. Massachusetts New York North Carolina Tennessee

Question 36  of 50 Which of the following was not one of the factors that encouraged European expansionism? Renaissance culture encouraged exploration. Europeans wished to circumvent overland Muslim traders by finding an Eastern oceanic route to Asia. Europeans wanted to do away with the African gold trade. Improvements in navigational instruments, mapmaking, and ship design aided sailors.

Question 37  of 50 Which of the following was not a prominent issue with which the new American republic struggled as part of its peacetime agenda following the War for American Independence? demobilizing the army opening the west wrestling with the national economic surplus surviving in a hostile world

Question 38  of 50 Which of the following was not an issue that the American army faced during the War for American Independence? While state militias were effective at fighting, they were not good for recruiting. High desertion levels occurred. Shortages of supplies occurred. Camp followers like prostitutes and con men complicated army life.

Question 39  of 50 Slaves, urban laborers, backcountry farmers, evangelicals, and women were all groups who took part in the colonial struggle with England. true false Question 40  of 50 Which of the following was not part of the Revolutionary Republicanism political ideology of the 1760s and 1770s? The legislative acts of the British government in the decade after the Stamp Act appeared to be a subversion of English liberties. Luxury was a cause for social concern. Property played no role in giving a man the independence to shape his identity. Resistance to England would return American society to civic virtue and godly purpose.

Question 41  of 50 Which of the following was a characteristic of the gentry lifestyle in the Southern English colonies in the seventeenth century? Most of the gentry did not own slaves. The gentry frowned upon ritual displays of wealth. Racing thoroughbred horses became a common sport among the gentry. The gentry built modest homes, filled almost exclusively with furniture that was made in the colonies.

Question 42  of 50 The American Enlightenment, like the Enlightenment in Europe, emphasized that God had blessed humankind with the gift of _______. faith imagination reason speech Question 43  of 50 Which of the following was NOT a major source of political conflict that the newly established American republic needed to address following the War for American Independence? deciding on the proper relationship between church and state how to pay off the states’ debt from the war the place of slavery in a republican society threats by southern states to secede from the Union

Question 44  of 50 Which of the following was a characteristic of the family life of slaves in the English colonies? Most English colonies passed laws encouraging slave marriages. Children usually stayed with their fathers until the age of eight, at which time they were usually sold and torn away from their families. White masters and overseers sexually exploited black women, producing mixed-race children. Because of the many obstacles, slaves almost never fashioned intimate ties among husbands and wives or parents and children.

Question 45  of 50 Which of the following was not one of the ways that the War for American Independence affected African Americans? Some African Americans took advantage of the war’s confusion to flee to freedom. Some African Americans joined the British army in exchange for promises of freedom. Some African Americans sought refuge among Native Americans. Some African Americans used newly enacted rights to hold political office to craft anti-slavery legislation.

Question 46  of 50 Which of the following statements about women in the Northern English colonies in the seventeenth century is correct? Unmarried women were commonplace. Colonial wives had less control over property brought into marriage or left at their husband’s death than in England. Colonial women tended to marry at a later age in life than English women. Childbirth and other obstetric medical practices were almost entirely in women’s hands. Question 47  of 50 Anti-Federalists placed much more emphasis on local government than Federalists.

true false Question 48  of 50 Which of the following was not a characteristic of France’s inland empire? In France’s interior empire, male and female French settlers arrived in equal numbers. Thinly dotted with small farming communities, the French presence in the continent’s vast heartland created a shield for Native Americans against the expansive British. In sharp contrast, to English society, almost all French settlements in the North American interior mixed European and Indians peoples. The growth of French strength and ambitions brought British America and New France into deadly conflict beginning in the late seventeenth century.

Question 49  of 50 What effect did the War for American Independence have on the Iroquois? It enhanced their standing in North America. It created a new set of beneficial alliances for them. It devastated them. It did not have an effect on the Iroquois.

Question 50  of 50 Which of the following was not a characteristic of Puritanism? Puritans emphasized a social ethic stressing work as a primary way of serving God. Puritans organized themselves into religious congregations where each member hoped for personal salvation but also supported all others in their quest. Puritans believed that it was not their responsibility to influence “unconverted” people around them. Puritans who came to the Americas sought to establish communities of pure Christians who collectively swore a covenant with God.

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