Why is the word element sacr (as in sacred) spelled and pronounced as secr in the word consecrate?

Why is the word element sacr (as in sacred) spelled and pronounced as secr in the wordconsecrate? It would be unexpected to find a word in which the word element sacr was spelled assicr. Why? Are the morph in wise and the first morph of wisdom allomorphs of the samemorpheme?

How was the vowel in the word wise probably pronounced in 1300? How was the vowel in the first morph of wisdom probably pronounced in 1300? Consider the verbs elude and exude. From elude, we can derive the adjective elusive, and fromexude we can derive the (rare) adjective exudative. (We can’t, importantly, derive the adjective×exusive.) Assume that -ive and -ative are allomorphs of the same morpheme (that is, treat -ativeas if it were an extension of -ive). Do you think that elude and exude have the same root?Why or why not? (You may also want to take into account the rare words elusion, exudation,and the nonexistent word ×exusion, again assuming that -ion and -ation are allomorphs of thesame morpheme.)

The English morpheme gen ‘birth’ (borrowed from Latin) has allomorphs gen (as inindigenous) and gn (as in pregnant). Phonetically speaking, what are the differencesbetween the g of gen and the g of gn? (That is, how do they differ articulatorily?) The phonetic difference between the  g  in  gen  and the  g  in  gn  seems to be caused by the front vowel in  gen . There is another English letter besides  g  that can change its pronunciation before certain kinds of vowels. When its pronunciation has not been changed, this letter is pronounced at the same place of articulation as /ɡ/.

What letter am I talking about? Find a set of allomorphs in the word element list at the end of chapter 4 that illustrates how this letter can be pronounced in different ways. The prefix a- ‘not’, borrowed from Greek, has an allomorph an- that appears in certain contexts:apnea /ˈæpnijə/atheist /ˈeθijɪst/asymmetry /eˈsɪmətri/anesthetic /ænəsˈθɛdɪk/anarchy /ˈænarki/anaerobic /ænərˈobɪk/anhydrous /ænˈhaɪdrəs/The rule that governs which allomorph appears in a given context is very similar to therule that governs whether the indefinite article a or an will appear. What is theonly difference between these two rules? Phonetically speaking, what do the contexts in which an- appears have in common?

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