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Medical intervention for heroin addicts

Medical intervention for drug addicts is part of achieving social normalisation. Explore the treatment methods for heroin addiction within the medical establishments and problems faced. What are the most effective methods and what might improve the success rate of rehabilitation.

Information Systems Development

A mind map that will help me revise for an Information systems development exam. Mainly around critical evaluation. Covering software development approaches (e.g. Waterfall, Spiral, Agile SDLC) and methodologies (e.g. SSADM, DSDM, Xtreme, PRINCE2 etc) including advantages, disadvantage as well as stage details and suitability for different sized projects…. the difference between approaches and methodologies […]


Write a report describing labour force trends in BC between 2004 and 2013. The key measures of labour force trends are employment, unemploy- ment, and participation. Be sure to focus on di erences by sex, age and on any trends in full-time vs. part-time employment.


Select one of the cases featured in the study: Case Study 1: Siemens Case Study 2: Mattel Case Study 3: Toyota Case Study 4: BAE Systems Case Study 5: The BBC Case Study 6: Severn Trent   · What were the rooth causes leading to the loss of trust? · How effective do you consider […]

Standardizing 1.00M hydrochloric acid solution

Program evaluation in nursing

Design a hypothetical program evaluation for your particular workplace unit, or an alternative site with which you are familiar. The evaluation should be well grounded in the setting, with its purpose for the unit clearly stated. Include an inquiry-methods matrix (such as shown in Ch 14 of FSW or the one below) and a Gantt […]


Explain why this is an issue of justice or the common good (150 words). Identify the people or groups who have a stake in the issue and analyse their perspectives on it [You should analyse at least three perspectives]. Why may some stakeholders not want the situation to change? (750 words) Analyse the issue in […]

hedging strategies with options.

Discuss two hedging strategies with options. 1. A protective put 2. A covered call Explain the two option hedging strategies respectively. How these strategies are used to protect the underlying equity position from downside risk, or lower the risk to exposure to price fluctuations.

The impact of trisomy 21 on foetal haematopoiesis

“ROBERTS, I., O’CONNOR, D., ROY, A., COWAN, G. & VYAS, P. 2013. The impact of trisomy 21 on foetal haematopoiesis. Blood Cells Mol Dis, 51, 277-81.” Validity of the evidences provided. Any holes in the author’s argument. Misrepresent evidence or add bias to evidence.

Is aspartame really safe?

Choose 2 articles: one article says Aspartame is safe and the other one says it is not safe. Please does your critique on primary articles only (that have materials and method section/discussion). Points to focus on them: • Does the author have sample and valid evidence? • Are there any holes in the author’s argument? […]