Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.

Question 1 In  Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass , why does Mr. Covey stop beating Douglass? Douglass fought back one day. Douglass had a magic root. Douglass was not his property. Douglass knew of Caroline. 2 points

Question 2 How does Tom die in  Uncle Tom’s Cabin ? Legree staged an accident He contracted tuberculosis Due to a severe flogging Because of being overworked 2 points

Question 3 In Jacobs’  Incident in the Life of a Slave Girl , where does Dr. Flint travel to find Linda after her escape? Nameless town on the Ohio River Cincinnati Atlanta New York 2 points

Question 4 In Chapter IX of  Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass , how does Thomas Auld’s newly found spirituality affect him as a slave owner and master? He becomes even crueler to his slaves. He gives slaves Sundays off for religious worship. He begins treating his slaves more humanely. He emancipates all of his slaves. 2 points

Question 5 In Jacobs’  Incidents in the life of a Slave Girl , why does Mrs. Flint take Linda’s aunt out of jail at the end of a month following Linda’s escape? Mrs. Flint feels sorry for Linda’s aunt. Dr. Flint commands Mrs. Flint to release Linda’s aunt from jail. Mrs. Flint was tired of being her own housekeeper. Mrs. Flint wants to get Linda’s aunt away from Linda’s children. 2 points

Question 6 In  Uncle Tom’s Cabin , what is the main reason why Eliza escapes from slavery when she does? Simon Legree’s cruelty Uncle Tom is dying her son has just been sold She learned that she was to be sold 2 points

Question 7 In his “Narrative,” why doesn’t Frederick Douglass know his age with any accuracy? There was no written record of it. He was separated from his mother while still an infant. It was what he called “non-essential information.” He was one of several slaves born at about the same time. 2 points

Question 8 In  Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass,  with whom had Douglass lived previously as a child so that he had avoided such bloody scenes as he witnessed with the flogging of Hester? His aunt His grandmother His uncle His father 2 points

Question 9 In  Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass , why does Captain Anthony flog Hester, an act which so terrifies a young Douglass that he hides in a closet? She was out one night with a male slave. She refused him sex. She prepared a poorly cooked stew. She was teaching Douglass how to read. 2 points

Question 10 Harriet Jacobs writes her memoir, Incidents in the  Life of a Slave Girl , using which pseudonym for herself? Linda Brent Louisa Matilda Lydia Child Cornelia Bruce 2 points

Question 11 In Longfellow’s “The Witnesses,” who cries out, “We are the Witnesses”? Angels and saints Dead slaves Current slaves Slave masters 2 points

Question 12 In  Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass , what is Douglass’s opinion about slave singing? The songs represent sorrows of the heart The songs are intended to please slaves’ Masters. The songs are a form of political subterfuge. The songs are sung out of joy and hope. 2 points

Question 13 In the opening pages of  Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass , what does Douglass say about his father? He was white, possibly Douglass’ white master. He was a slave himself. He had no information about his father. He died before Douglass was born. 2 points

Question 14 In  Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass , where was Frederick Douglass’s first job in Massachusetts? On a farm near his new home On the docks of the shipping wharves In the office of a local newspaper In a school for children of escaped slaves 2 points

Question 15 In  Uncle Tom’s Cabin , during her escape from slavery how does Eliza cross the Ohio River? By sneaking onto the ferry She swims with her son tied to her back Leaping from ice floe to ice floe She steals a boat she sees on the shore 2 points

Question 16 In Jacobs’ I ncidents in the Life of a Slave Girl , who conceals Linda after she leaves a friend’s house? A slave owner’s wife Dr. Flint’s brother Her grandmother She sneaks into a barn 2 points

Question 17 In Harriet Jacobs’ real life, which Incidents in the  Life of a Slave Girl  recounts with pseudonyms, where does Harriet Jacobs hide for seven years? In a small cottage in the woods In an attic on her grandmother’s property In the attic of her lover, “Mr. Sands” In some woods, briefly, before heading north 2 points

Question 18 What does Lincoln call on his audience to do in the Gettysburg Address? Rededicate themselves to the cause of preserving the Union Bury the dead and care for the injured with all expediency Celebrate the resurgence of America None of the above 2 points

Question 19 In  Uncle Tom’s Cabin , who assures Tom that he will be brought back and returned to the Shelby farm? Haley Mr. Shelby Mrs. Shelby Eliza 2 points

Question 20 In  Uncle Tom’s Cabin , how does Tom react to the news that Mr. Shelby has sold him to Haley, the slave trader? He resigns himself to his master’s decision. He is happy to leave the drudgery of Mr. Shelby’s Kentucky farm. He is angry and plans to run away. He resolves to burn down the plantation.

21. Compare and contrast the elements of the slave narrative that occur in Douglass’ Narrative of Frederick Douglass and in Jacobs’ Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. How are the author’s stories similar? How do they differ? Using at least two (2) quotes from EACH author’s writing to support and illustrate your thoughts, conclude what you think is the most powerful theme or main idea both works represent to you and other readers.

22. Discuss how Frederick Douglass learns to read in Chapter VII of Narrative of Frederick Douglass, and analyze how learning to read becomes both a blessing and a curse to Douglass, particularly when Douglass reads the book entitled The Columbian Orator.

23. Analyze both Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl and Uncle Tom’s Cabin as works intended to persuade Northerners to participate in the abolitionist cause. Based on your analysis, and using at least two (2) quotes from each work, argue which work you feel would be the most effective.

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