Which of the following is NOT an explanation for why industrialization began in Great Britain?

Which of the following is NOT an explanation for why industrialization began in Great Britain?

It was not a European war zone in the 18th century. Strong governmental support for the private sector.

A flexible social and political system.

It was the richest and most populous country in Western Europe.

Flag this Question Question 23.33 pts

What were some of the primary goals of European Social Democrats in the 19th century (as seen in the  Second International  discussed in chapter 22) universal suffrage eight hour work days welfare state All of the above

Flag this Question Question 33.33 pts Chapter 22 covers the of concept of “liberalism”, which…. affirms the dignity of the individual. is rooted in representative government and equality under the law. involves a belief in maximum amount of freedom from the state. All of the above.

Flag this Question Question 43.33 pts In contrast to liberalism, conservatism….. valued old institutions. believed deep reforms were essential for progress. considered the Church irrelevant to modern life rested upon the inherent goodness of the individual.

Flag this Question Question 53.33 pts Nationalism requires all of the following  except … a state/government common language and land historical unity and shared identity common enemies and religion

Flag this Question Question 63.33 pts The purpose of the Congress of Vienna was to.. to reform and replace European monarchies. decide which nation was responsible for WWI. establish peace and stability following the Napoleonic wars. to support democratic governments across Europe

Flag this Question Question 73.33 pts 1848 was the year that… was noted for orderly democratic reforms in France, Germany, and Italy. ended the period of peace between European nations following the Congress of Vienna. saw an outbreak of revolutions within countries across Europe.

Flag this Question Question 83.33 pts Great Britain managed to avoid a revolution in the 19th century through a series of timely reforms. Which of the following were among Gray’s “self-interested” reforms (covered in chapter 23)?  Labor unions recognized. Modern police force created. End of capital punishment. All of the above.

Flag this Question Question 93.33 pts Gladstone’s “Glorious Ministry” passed reforms which… instituted universal suffrage. did away with secret ballots. abolished the sale of offices. authorized flogging as a form of military discipline.

Flag this Question Question 103.33 pts Realpolitik is a political view… based on idealism. which emphasizes practical uses of power. that applies theory to real world situations. is concerned with the moral and ethical implications of state power.

Flag this Question Question 113.33 pts The Berlin Conference of 1884… exposed the true humanitarian aims of colonization. recognized boundaries between European countries in Europe. sought to regulate African colonization by European powers. assigned blame to Germany for beginning WWI.

Flag this Question Question 123.33 pts The Opium Wars covered in chapter 25 resulted in… the importation of Chinese opium into Great Britain. more opportunities for Westerners to trade in China. the expulsion of French and British traders from China in the 19th century. the expansion of Chinese controlled territory.

Flag this Question Question 133.33 pts Japan’s 19th century response to the west was to do all of the following  except… claim colonies in Africa and Korea. create a modern bureaucratic state. reform the military. write a constitution.

Flag this Question Question 143.33 pts Under British rule in India  the practice of sati was prohibited. rates of female infanticide increased dramatically. women’s rights were restricted. education for girls was forbidden.

Flag this Question Question 153.33 pts All of the following were reasons why Latin American countries had a difficult time achieving stability except… racial disunity. liberators who could not keep control. the Spanish colonial system had not prepared citizens for democracy. strong sense of nationalism resulted in too many wars between nations.

Flag this Question Question 163.33 pts Economic developments in Latin America… tended to focus on foreign powers extracting raw materials. benefitted all classes equally. were generally strong and positive after independence. benefitted from state of the art infrastructure in mining and textile industries.

Flag this Question Question 173.33 pts The progressive era in the United States aimed at achieving the following goals… the elimination of sweatshops and labor exploitation. eliminating regulations on industry. eliminating the referendum and the direct election of senators. exploiting more natural resources.

Flag this Question Question 183.33 pts World War I began for which of the following reasons… assassination of Francis Ferdinand in Sarajevo. the entanglement of European alliances. failure of last minute diplomatic efforts. all of the above.

Flag this Question Question 193.33 pts The League of Nations was designed to do all of the following  except…. eliminate state sovereignty. prevent war. promote peace. improve life.

Flag this Question Question 203.33 pts After WWI, Article 231…. stated that responsibility for the war should be spread equally among combatants. required all combatants to pay the costs of the war. assigned responsibility for the war and the bill to Germany.

Flag this Question Question 213.33 pts Economic problems in post-WWI Germany led to…. a damaged middle-class run-away inflation. the rise of Hitler. All the above.

Flag this Question Question 223.33 pts During the inter-war period, culture in the west was dominated by.. movies and jazz. automobiles and electricity. music halls and sports arenas. all of the above.

Flag this Question Question 233.33 pts Art became more abstract in the post-war period, as seen in the work of all of the following artists  except… Pablo Picasso. Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Henri Matisse. Salvador Dali.

Flag this Question Question 243.33 pts The battle of the Somme was… launched by the Allies in the summer of 1916. designed to ake off some of the pressure from the Verdun. cost over one million men in dead and wounded. all of the above.

Flag this Question Question 253.33 pts Wilson’s 14 points… laid out a plan for peace and contained the basis for the League of Nations. were adopted by the U.S. Congress. were accepted in whole by the Allies.

Flag this Question Question 263.33 pts The destruction of global economy stability after WWI aided the development of non-democratic governments in.. All of the below… Russia. France. Great Britain.

Flag this Question Question 273.33 pts The Russian Revolution of 1917 was sparked by… a strike in a Petrograd factory. a bread shortage. Rsar Nicholas II’s dismissal of the Russian Duma. All of the above.

Flag this Question Question 283.33 pts Fascism in Italy… non-nationalistic. lacked a strict ideology. expanded local decision making power in the cities and regions. was highly democratic.

Flag this Question Question 293.33 pts The Weimar Republic failed in large part as a result of… failure to agree to the Treaty of Versailles. lack of education programs for citizens. major economic problems. lack of inflation.

Flag this Question Question 303.33 pts Hitler’s Germany… espoused anti-Jewish rhetoric. controlled all media and universities. sought to subordinate churches. all of the above.

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