Which of the following was not a reason why the English became involved in exploration of the Americas?

Which of the following was not a reason why the English became involved in exploration of the Americas? Fish, which was basic to the European diet, was found in abundance in the North Atlantic in the Americas. Decreases in population and falling prices in England created greatly improved the economic conditions of ordinary people, emboldening them to look across the ocean for more opportunities. For the English nobility, colonies in the Americas offered new baronies, fiefdoms, and estates. For English merchants, the New World promised exotic produce to sell at home and a new outlet for English cloth.

Question 2  of 50 As Secretary of the Treasury under George Washington, _______ was instrumental in shaping national policy that would determine the United States’ economic future. John Adams Alexander Hamilton Thomas Jefferson James Madison

Question 3  of 50 Ratified in December 1791, _______ contained ten amendments that protected citizens’ democratic rights. The Articles of Confederation The Bill of Rights The New Jersey Plan The Virginia Plan

Question 4  of 50 Which of the following was not a characteristic of the African ethos? The family was the basic unit of social organization. Widespread across Africa was a belief in a Supreme Creator of the cosmos and in a pantheon of lesser deities associated with natural forces that could intervene in human affairs. Africans worshiped ancestors, whom they believed mediated between the Creator and the living. Africans did not have slaves.

Question 5  of 50 Which of the following was among the changes that affected interior Native Americans during the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries? Commercial hunting turned into subsistence hunting. Trade goods like iron implements, firearms and ammunition, and alcohol altered ways of life among interior Native Americans. Spiritual beliefs that suggested that the destinies of humans and animals were closely linked became more influential. Centralized leadership gave way to an emphasis on village loyalties.

Question 6  of 50 _______ was an uprising in the 1670s among frontiersmen in Virginia who detested the Indian policy of Virginia’s royal governor. Bacon’s Rebellion Queen Anne’s War Popé’s Revolt Shay’s Rebellion

Question 7  of 50 By the end of George Washington’s term as President of the United States, political harmony had disappeared as divisions deepened on virtually every significant issue of foreign and domestic policy.

true false Question 8  of 50 Originally written by the Continental Congress in 1776 and ratified by the colonies in 1781, _______ preceded the United States Constitution as a document that united the colonies under a set of laws as an independent nation. the Articles of Confederation the Bill of Rights the Constitutional Assembly the Declaration of Independence

Question 9  of 50 Which of the following was a characteristic of the work and belief system of artisans in the early eighteenth century? Work patterns were regular. Artisans took little pride in their crafts. Artisans saw economic independence as unimportant. Artisans utilized a three-step program through which individuals moved being an apprentice to being a master in a craft.

Question 10  of 50 Which of the following was NOT a feature of the structure of colonial governments? The governor represented the monarchy as the king’s agent in the colony. The elected assembly provided a democratic element to the colonial governments. All laws were required to be sent to England for the approval of the king’s privy council. All free male citizens could vote or hold office.

Question 11  of 50 The Salem witch hunt began with _______. a British effort to crackdown on paganism in the colonies mysterious murders of three prominent assemblymen threats against the church by a cult of older women living just outside of town young girls playing at magic with a slave who was owned by the father of one of the girls

Question 12  of 50 Which of the following was NOT a development in American society after the War for American Independence that led to the expansion of popular politics? the belief that God had sanctioned the American Revolution the belief that the new American society held the future of human liberty the invention of the telegraph, which allowed Americans to engage in political discussion more readily the multiplication of newspapers and pamphlets

Question 13  of 50 Which of the following was a feature of the entrepreneurial ethos that developed within colonial cities during the eighteenth century? It emphasized self-denial rather than acquisition. It argued that if people were allowed to pursue their material desires competitively, they would collectively form a natural, impersonal market of producers and consumers that would benefit everyone. It suggested that economic life should operate according to what was fair, not what was profitable. It emphasized the subordinating of private interests to the community interest.

Question 14  of 50 The _______ was a transaction between the United States and France in 1803 that nearly doubled the size of the United States. New Jersey Plan Louisiana Purchase Northwest Ordinance Virginia Plan

Question 15  of 50 Colonial societies were fluid, unruly, and competitive, lacking the stable political systems and leadership class thought necessary for social order that characterized the English mainland.

true falseQuestion 16  of 50 _______ was the agreement in drafting the Constitution of the United States that addressed how black populations would be treated in determining the congressional representation of states. The Federalist Paper The Great Compromise The New Jersey Plan The Virginia Plan

Question 17  of 50 The series of Christian religious revivals that swept different regions of the American colonies between 1720 and 1760 with varying degrees of intensity was known as _______. The American Enlightenment The Continental Congress The Entrepreneurial Ethos The Great Awakening

Question 18  of 50 Which of the following was NOT a feature of the hybrid religion that was created as many African American slaves blended African religious practices with European Christianity? It provided the spark of resistance. It offered comfort from oppression. It involved little dancing, shouting, rhythmic clapping, and singing. It became central to many slaves’ existence.hoods. Bacon’s Rebellion The Philadelphia Freedom Popé’s Revolt The Whiskey Rebellion

Question 20  of 50 At the end of the War for American Independence, in the Treaty of _______ England recognized American independence. London Paris Philadelphia Versailles

Question 21  of 50 Which of the following statements best summarizes the most prominent paleo-anthropological theory regarding the arrival of the first inhabitants of the Americas? The first inhabitants of the Americas migrated across a land bridge connecting northeastern Asia with Alaska. The first inhabitants of the Americas migrated across ice bridges connecting Antarctica with South Africa and Argentina. The first inhabitants of the Americas sailed across the Pacific Ocean from China. Human beings naturally evolved in North America, so the first inhabitants of the Americas did not come from somewhere else.

Question 22  of 50 Though it was the least elaborately planned colony in English history, Carolina was the most successful in achieving the harmony that proprietors desired. true false

Question 23  of 50 As part of the struggle between the Northern Spanish Frontier and the English colonists in the Carolinas, _______ was a conflict between the English and the Spanish in 1701 that would drive the Spanish out of Florida and lead to the occupation of Florida by the English. Bacon’s Rebellion The Glorious Revolution Queen Anne’s War Shay’s Rebellion

Question 24  of 50 Which of the following was not a characteristic of the process of ratifying the Constitution of the United States? All thirteen colonies ratified the Constitution within a month of its completion. There was a widespread perception that the Articles of Confederation were inadequate and decisive action needed to be taken. Most of the Revolution’s major leaders were Federalists and their support helped rally support for the Constitution. Support for the Constitution was strongest in cities and towns.

Question 25  of 50 In August 1765, the _______ Act Riots in Boston voiced concerns of colonists over their taxation by England. Coin Stamp Sugar Tea Question 26  of 50 In _______, which occurred in 1680, Pueblos in the New Mexico area rebelled against Spanish Franciscans’ efforts to root out traditional Native American religious ceremonies. Bacon’s Rebellion The Glorious Revolution Popé’s Revolt Shay’s Rebellion

Question 27  of 50 Which of the following statements about the contrasting worldviews between Europeans and Native Americans is not correct? Europeans separated the secular and sacred parts of life, while Native Americans did not. Native American women were more subordinate than European women. Native Americans saw trade as a way to preserve reciprocity between individuals and communities, while Europeans saw trade mostly as an economic transaction. Native Americans had less structured religious beliefs and practices than Europeans.

Question 28  of 50 The _______ was a meeting in 1774 in Philadelphia that brought together delegates from all of the British colonies. Constitutional Assembly Continental Congress Federalist League Great Awakening

Question 29  of 50 Which of the following was NOT among the reasons why George Grenville imposed new taxes on the American colonies when he became the chief minister to King George III? to help finance England’s national debt to finance 10,000 British regulars left in North America to police Canada and Indians to remind unruly Americans that they were still subjects to the rule of the English monarch to cause a revolution for independence among colonists so that England could have just reason to destroy colonial communities under the charge of treason

Question 30  of 50 The Protestant Reformation in Europe was initiated by a German monk named _______. George Calvert John Calvin Martin Luther John Winthrop

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