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The Crucible book- If the text had been written in a different time or place or language or for a different audience,how and why might be differ

In addition rationale has to be between 200-300 words. It has to be write in form of newspaper and how it would be written in a different newspaper,

Marketing Intelligence

Assume you are associated with a business organisation and currently in the process of reevaluating your market position against your competitors; you are keen to figure our market trends, potential market growth, opportunities, threats and your own strengths and weaknesses, the logical thing to do is to carry out a SWOT analysis. Please design your […]

The Endless Voyage Lesson

9-1. Compare and contrast Antarctic oceanic waters to Arctic oceanic waters? Which calves more icebergs and why? 9-2.  Research a polar explorer and briefly summarize his/her contribution to the field of marine science: 9-3.  Compar and contrast a coral reef ecosystem to a tropical rainforest. Do you see more similarities or more differences?  9-4.   Describe […]

Child and Adolescent Development

Question #1: Briefly discuss some key components to “biosocial development.” Biosocial development is the process of growth and development which occur physically, biologically, environmentally and socio-culturally, which rapidly occurs in the initial two years of individual growth or what is called the play years. During this period, physical development is manifested where the body length […]

Global effects of the Internet in changing Political Interactions

The internet has relentlessly transcended to both physical grounds and international borders, and has immensely changed the global political scene. The internet plays a huge role in the current information period, and has already opened new forms of interactions, while affecting the circulation of political power at the local, national, and international echelons. In some […]

Mass Communication History

The history of mass communication is characterized by a set of tools that has influenced and developed the society in different eras. These historic tools and means of communication have continued to exercise their invariable influence upon subsequent generations. However, different social changes in the course of certain generations have also influenced these tools and […]

How are the interactions in both setting similar or different? Why does the author give the reader those verbal exchanges? (Significance)

  Introduction The Worn Path by Eudora Welty is a narrative of an elderly African American woman named Phoenix Jackson who takes a long tiring walk to Natchez. The story portrays unconditional love by applying characters as well as setting settings that adds up to the theme. Phoenix is elderly, poor sighted and weak. She […]

Business Law Class

  Introduction The onset of the internet revolutionized the concept of target marketing, whereby online companies are making use of Customer Relationship Management to gather personal data to facilitate their marketing strategies (Foss & Woodcock, 2003). The ethical and legal issues associated with online marketing are imposed by the creation of database that contains personal […]

gambling Video Response

a. One thing I learned about problem gambling & chronic mental illness?             I have learned that problem gambling can be defined as any paradigm in which a persons vocation, finances, or relationships is negatively affected due to their behavioral attachment towards gambling. Gambling may take any form in which one tries to win money […]


Introduction A correlation exists between the slavery and the onset of civil wars because of the fact that slavery in itself was a violation of the civil liberties of the people, which is one of the core reasons that contributed to increasing civil wars (Rodriguez, 2007). However, a point of contention is the varying perception […]